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artist-43054-3593-imagesWelcome to Mrs. Filiberti’s Art Class!

Weeks of February 27th and March 6th

Posted on March 13, 2017

Art plans for the weeks of February 27th and March 6th:


UPK classes made paper plate lions and lambs for the month of March.  They practiced their drawing, cutting and gluing skills.


Kindergarten classes practiced their cutting and gluing skills to make a Lenten cross.  They cut out a cross template.  They cut and glued colored squares of paper onto the cross to decorate it.  This past week they learned about the artist Henri Matisse and viewed a short animated video about the artist and his work.  We discussed organic and geometric shapes.  We talked about creating composition in art and how to create a collage.  Students cut out shapes from colored paper, arranged them onto a sheet of black paper and glued them on to make their own collage.


First grade classes learned about texture in art.  They traced a cross stencil onto a sheet of white paper.  They crumpled and glued brown tissue paper on the shape.  They cut strips of purple paper into squares and glued them on the background space.  This past week, they made paper plate Leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day.


Second grade students painted a rainbow and then cut it out.  They glued clouds and pots of gold on the ends of the rainbow.  Some students opted to glue two clouds on the ends.  They glued cotton balls on the clouds.  This past week, the students learned about the artist Claude Monet.  We learned about creating artist guidelines to draw a proportional picture.  They drew Monet’s Japanese footbridge and the pond.  They will learn how to use chalk pastels next week and use them to color their drawings.


Third grade classes drew a Panda with bamboo to integrate with their classroom study of China.  They used crayons and watercolor paint to color their drawings.  They also learned about the Rosary before making a Rosary Flower for Lent.  Each shape represents one prayer in a decade of the Rosary.


Fourth grade students traced and cut out three handprints on white paper and an egg shape on a colored sheet of paper.  They rolled the handprints to make Easter Lilies and glued them onto the egg shape.  They added stems and leaves to finish the project.  This past week, they drew five shamrocks on a sheet of white paper.  They began with crosses then drew heart shapes for the leaves.  They used watercolor paint to paint their drawings and highlighted with gold paint.


Fifth grade students made a watercolor crucifix painting for Lent.  They colored over the crucifix shape with black crayon so the wax would resist the watercolor paint.  They painted the background with a variety of colors.  This past week, we learned about the artist Hundertwasser.  We viewed examples of his work.  We began a multi-step project by painting a sheet of paper using only warm colors.  We created patterns and lines over the colors.  Next week they will paint a sheet using only cool colors.


Sixth grade students completed their Sarcophagus projects with their group members and cut them out.  They also learned about the significance of a cartouche in Ancient Egyptian times.  They cut out the shape of a cartouche and used a reference sheet to write their names in hieroglyphics.  They colored their designs.


Seventh grade students finished their winter birch tree project and began working on illuminated crosses for Lent.  They traced and cut out a cross shape.  They applied oil pastels around the border of the shape.  They taped the cross shape onto a sheet of paper and then used their fingers to spread the oil pastel out onto the background paper.  They used watercolor paint to paint the background space before removing the cross shape from the paper revealing the white cross.


Eighth grade students continued to work on grid drawings.  They created a grid on a printout of the Mona Lisa and labeled the rows and columns.  They recreated the grid on a new sheet of paper and began drawing the Mona Lisa by transferring shapes and lines from the printout over to the new grid.

Weekly Art Plans

Posted on February 17, 2017

Art lesson plans for the weeks of January 30, 2017 and February 5, 2017


Due to the shortened weeks, the fact that I was out with the flu for two days, Catholic Schools Week activities and a snow day, I decided to combine the past two weeks into one post.


UPK-1 and UPK-2 students made a Valentine’s Day craft after listening to a story. They cut out a heart shape, folded pink strips of paper to make “wiggly” arms and legs and glued them on to the heart shape. They added little hearts for the hands and feet and drew a face with a black crayon.


UPK-3 students watched an animated video about the artist Henri Matisse. They learned about cutting out shapes and arranging them onto a sheet of paper and gluing them on once they are pleased with the arrangement. They made their own collages using colored papers.


K-1 and K-2 made “A Valentine Hug for You!” craft. They cut out a circle and drew their face on it. They glued it to a red piece of paper. They added arms and folded them over to simulate a hug. They added hearts for the hands and wrote the message on another heart and glued it onto the body.


    1. did not have art class for the past two Thursdays.
    2. students made a “Bee Mine” Valentine craft. They cut, assembled and glued shapes to make a Bee for Valentines Day.


Second grade students traced and cut out two heart shapes of different sizes. They glued the smaller heart onto the larger heart. They trace and cut out their handprints and glued them onto the heart. They decorated the border of the Valentine with sequins and wrote “I Give You My Heart” on the smaller heart.


3-1 learned about the artist and artwork of Wassily Kandinsky. They cut and glued colored paper to make concentric circles that we will attach to our Kandinsky Tree for the upcoming Gala.


3-2 completed their Aurora Borealis project by cutting and gluing the mountain ranges from their painted papers. They used chalk pastels to make the Northern Lights in the sky.


Class 4-1 did not have art for the past two Thursdays.

Class 4-2 drew an African animal silhouette on a sheet of black paper. They cut it out and made patterns on it with oil pastels. They glued this shape onto the Adire Eleko was resist painting the made previously to complete the project.


Fifth grade students completed all unfinished snowman projects. They also learned about the Jamaican artist Bernard Hoyes. They viewed a short interview with the artist and saw some examples of his work. They drew a dancing lady in the style of the artist and used oil pastels to color their work.


Sixth Grade students continued to work with their groups on the Sarcophagus project.


Seventh grade students viewed examples of Claude Monet’s winter landscapes. We observed the colors used to create the shadows in the snow. The students began working on a Winter Birch Tree project. They used painter’s tape to make the tree outlines. They are creating a horizon line and shadows in the snow. They can use chalk pastels and/or watercolor paint to add the color.


8-1 did not have art class for the past two weeks.

8-2 continued to work on their pop art projects.

Art Plans for the week of January 17, 2017

Posted on January 27, 2017

School was closed on Monday for Martin Luther King’s birthday.

UPK-1 and UPK-2 cut out a hat and pom pom pattern.  They decorated the hat using crayons and then painted over the entire shape with watercolor paint.  The paint resisted the crayon wax, revealing their designs.

UPK-3 students talked about how polar bears are camouflaged in their environment.  We discussed what camouflage meant.  They glued a white polar bear shape onto a white sheet of paper.  They used white tissue paper to make the snow around the polar bear.

K-1 students watched a short video about the element of lines in art.  They drew a variety of lines on a sheet of white paper using crayons.  They used watercolor paint to color the remaining white paper.

K-2 class cancelled due to a trip.

First grade students talked about Catholic Schools Week and the terms faith, knowledge and service.  They cut out shapes of a heart, cross and a light bulb and glued them onto a sheet of black paper to make a collage for Catholic Schools Week.  They completed the collage by putting a white handprint on the paper using white paint.

Second grade students completed their “Hello, Goodbye Window” collages.

3-1 learned about the significance of the African Kanga cloth.  They began working on an African Kanga cloth composition for Black History Month.

3-2 drew a snowman from a side view using oil pastels.

4-1 class cancelled on Monday.

4-2 students completed their cardinal in winter designs using oil pastels and paint.

5-1 students began working on “A snowman from three different views” drawing.  They drew a sample snowman and then drew the same snowman from three different angles.

5-2 class cancelled on Monday.

Sixth grade students completed the African animal silhouettes that they started last week.

7-1 class cancelled on Monday.

7-2 continued to work on their collages based on the artwork of Romare Bearden.

8-1 viewed Batman clips using onomatopoeia.  They began working on a collage to illustrate a word they chose.

8-2 class cancelled on Monday.

Art Plans for the week of January 9, 2017

Posted on

This was a shortened week due to the Professional Day on Friday.

UPK-2 used purple and blue paint to sponge paint a paper to show texture.  This paper will serve as the background for our sparkling snowflake.

UPK-3 completed the Hat project that they started last week.  This week they attached the pom pom to the top of the hat and used one color of tissue to decorate the pom pom.

Kindergarten students glued together pieces to make a Polar Bear to integrate with their classroom discussion of Polar Bears.  They used puffy paint made with shaving cream and glue to paint their polar bears.  The puffy paint will add texture to the craft to simulate the fur.

Class 1-1 painted a picture using watercolor paint and described their paintings.

Second Grade students listened to the story, The Hello, Goodbye Window.  They began working on a design related to the story.  They cut out different colored papers to make themselves either looking inside or outside the window.  They will complete their designs next week by creating either an indoor or outdoor background scene.

Class 3-1 completed their aurora borealis project by cutting out two mountain ranges from the papers they painted last week.  They glued the mountain ranges on top of each other onto a long sheet of black paper.  They used chalk pastels to create the illuminated sky.

Class 4-1 worked on their piece for the Gala.   After a discussion about perspective, those students that finished their part began working on a snowman drawing depicting four snowmen that appear to be looking down at them.

Class 5-1 discussed perspective in art.  They made a “Snowman from an Aerial View” by tracing and cutting out three circle stencils of three different sizes.  They used blue oil pastel to color and blend around the edges of the three circles.  They glued the three circles together from largest to smallest, separating them with a small piece of cardboard in between.  They drew the face of the snowman on the bottom of the smallest circle.  They added arms and other details to their snowman.

Class 5-2 started their Gala project in class this week.

Sixth Grade students painted a sunset scene using watercolor paint.  After viewing several examples of African animals, the students will draw a silhouette of an animal to be cut out and glued onto the painted paper.  They will use the rest of the black paper to create a background.

Seventh Grade students viewed a short video about the artist and artwork of African American artist, Romare Bearden.  The students will view examples of Bearden’s collages and discuss what the see.  They will begin gathering pictures from newspapers and magazines to create their own collage.

Eighth Grade classes will complete their masks that they started last week after learning about the African American Artist, Lois Maillou Jones.

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