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Important Announcements: 

-Please return New York Botanical Garden permission slips by Friday, March 31st.


2-2 Weekly Newsletter: Week of March 20th

Posted on March 24, 2017

Grade 2 Newsletter of the Week

Week of March 20th, 2017

2-2 / Ms. Draghi


Dear Parents,

It was wonderful seeing all of you at conferences on Tuesday. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me an email!

This week in Balanced Literacy, we learned how to incorporate adverbs and adjectives into our small moment narratives. As a class, students identified “paintbrush word” adjectives and adverbs with its intensity by using different shades of the same color. The more intense or descriptive a word is, the darker the shade would be. For example, when students read the word “mad”, they realized it was a light red or simple way to describe how someone felt. As students were more descriptive with the feeling, such as writing “annoyed”, the shade of red became darker. Students were able to use adjectives such as, “explosive”, “furious”, and even “outraged” when identifying the darkest shade of red. Skills that students learned this week, including incorporating catchy openings/closings to a narrative, can be used in your child’s writing throughout their lives. You can incorporate this by asking your children to think of “darker paintbrush words” when they are telling you about their day. Students can even practice their usage of “paintbrush words” when describing the characters or setting in their Reading Reflections. Next week, we will begin our small moment final task!


In Mathematics, we started our week with our Chapter 7 test on money and time. We also began our next chapter on measuring inches and feet. Students learned that 12 inches = 1 foot as well as one ruler is usually a foot long. By using color tiles to represent inches, students were able to create their own rulers out of construction paper. With their handmade rulers, students measured objects such as the “Math Works” bulletin board, the SMARTboard, water bottles, and even their partners! We learned how to measure our own heights in inches, including the teacher’s! You can practice measuring skills by asking your children to measure objects at home with their rulers.

In Science, we began our new unit on erosion. Students learned vocabulary words such as “Flood” and “Weathering” in relation to the Earth’s changes. Students built upon their previous knowledge of landforms by reading about and discussing the alterations that landforms naturally have over time due to various factors.

This week in Religion, students learned more about Lent and the importance of examining our conscience before reconciliation. We also discussed Triduum means “Period of Three Days”, which we as Catholics believe concludes with the Resurrection of Jesus. Students enjoyed a review game, called “Christ is Right” before taking their quiz on these three topics.


  1. Please discuss with your child this weekend memories of feelings or events that took place around their small moment picture. We will begin our final task next week based upon their small moment picture.
  2. Please return the field trip permission slip to the New York Botannical Garden along with the payment no later than Friday, March 31st. Please check your child’s home folders for their permission slips today.

Ms. Draghi’s Homework 3/23/17

Posted on March 23, 2017
  1. Reading Log (Read for 30 minutes)
  2. Reading Reflection
  3. Go Math Volume 2 pages 557-558
  4. Small Moment Pictures Due Tomorrow

Ms. Draghi’s Homework 3/22/17

Posted on March 22, 2017
  1. Reading Log (Read for 30 minutes)
  2. Go Math Volume 2 pages 551-552
  3. Chapter 11, Lent, and Easter Triduum Religion Quiz Tomorrow
  4. Get Chapter 7 Math Tests Signed

Ms. Draghi’s Homework 3/21/17

Posted on March 21, 2017
  1. Reading Log (Read for 30 minutes)
  2. Go Math Volume 2 pages 545-546
  3. Religion:Chapter 11, Lent, and Easter Triduum Quiz on Thursday, March 23rd.
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