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Welcome to Mrs. Di Marcello’s Second Grade!

Grade 2 conducting their research for their in class projects!

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Special Subjects
Monday: Computers & Spanish
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Spanish
Friday: Gym

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Newsletter Grade 2 Bayside Week of 5/22

Posted on May 25, 2017

In Balanced Literacy, students discussed the interdependence between insects, plants, and human. Students discussed the ways in which bees and butterflies pollinate plants as they get food for themselves. Bees, while sipping nectar from flowers, get pollen stuck on various parts of their bodies. This pollen then rubs off on certain parts of the next flower that they fly to.

After students read, “1001 Bugs to Spot” and recorded how many bugs in different habitats live and react to the environment. Finally, students took their magnifying glasses and took a nature walk outside trying to “spot” some bugs and make observations. Finally, students recorded a live bee pollinating a plant! We hope you saw the video.

In Social Studies students read, “The Big Green Pocketbook,” by Candice Ransom. Students discussed as consumers, we choose goods and services to use to satisfy our economic wants. Private goods and services are acquired from businesses or individuals in the marketplace. Public goods and services are provided by the government and paid for with tax revenues. People use their limited income for consumption of goods and services or for saving.

In Mathematics, students continued to use models while developing fraction concepts helps children have a visual representation to which they can refer. It is very helpful to show through modeling that equal shares of identical wholes do not need to be the same shape. Students used drawings of diagrams to help them solve problems of equal shapes.

In Religion, students discussed the importance of Ascension Thursday and completed a scripture crossword puzzle about how Jesus was taken into heaven. Students also discussed how families serve God in many ways.

No School Friday and Monday: May 26th and May 29th

Field Day: May 31st.

Grade 2 HW 5/22 Bayside

Posted on May 22, 2017

Read, Log, Reflect

Math p. 733-734

WJ: Rewrite informational piece on L/L and decorate.

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