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Welcome to Mrs. Di Marcello’s Second Grade!

Grade 2 conducting their research for their in class projects!

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Class Notes
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Only Healthy snacks permitted during Snack Time.
Check your child’s HOME folder everyday.

Special Subjects
Monday: Computers & Spanish
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Spanish
Friday: Gym

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Grade 2 Newsletter/Bayside: April 10th

Posted on April 12, 2017


In Mathematics, students measured the lengths of two objects in centimeters. Then students used their measurements to write a number sentence to find the difference between the two lengths. It is important for students to recognize that they must measure the length of each object using the same unit, centimeters, in order to use a number sentence that describes how much longer one object is than the other.

In Religion student created a newspaper article explaining the Resurrection of Jesus.  The class continues to prepare for Holy Communion in practicing the Eucharistic prayers. We are currently completing the Communion Retreat found on pages R1-R9 in your child’s book. It is a good idea for you to review and discuss these activities at home.

Students continued reading various forms of poetry this week and are concentrating writing cinquain and acrostic poems. Students are working on producing his/her anthologies of poems this month!

In Science, students started their unit on Matter and discussed how matter takes up space and has mass. As an activity, students described objects according to their color, shape, and size.


Continue to read over Easter vacation.


Happy Easter!

Bayside Grade 2 HW 4/11

Posted on April 11, 2017

Math p. 613-614

Read, Log, Reflect

SS. Quiz

Empty out SS/SCI. Folders tonight.

Communion Meeting 4/24  7PM

Grade 2 Newsletter/Bayside: Week of April 3rd.

Posted on April 7, 2017

Grade 2 Bayside: Classroom CafeGrade 2 added finishing touches on his/her personal narrative this week. In preparation for the our Publishing Party, students practiced public speaking learning how to project his/her voice loud and clear. Students also discussed how expression in our voice makes speeches interesting. Finally, students decorated the classroom transforming it into a cafe theme. The Publishing Party was a success! The parents engaged into students’ writings, discussing the narrative, and writing feedback to the students.

This week students discussed the elements of poetry.  Students read and discussed a variety of Haiku’s. Finally students produced their own Haiku by writing about various themes in nature.

In Social Studies students are working on a Memorial Day Contest drawing the Statue of Liberty and writing about its significance symbolism to the America.

In Science, students reviewed how the Earth’s surface changes due to weathering, erosion, and deposition after viewing multiple pictures, videos, and participating in a discussion about how rocks break down due to erosion.

In Mathematics, students conclude chapter 8 by discussing how line plots show how something occurs by displaying data on a number line. Continue to practice the website at home to enforce math skills!

In Religion, students continued practicing the Parts of the Mass. Students also discussed the celebration of Psalm Sunday and ended the week with a spiritual mediation of the Stations of the Cross.


Gala: Saturday, April 8th

Last day of School: Wednesday, April 12th for Easter Vacation.

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