March Homework

Posted on March 7, 2017

March 8
Read 40 minutes

Math pgs. 485-486

March 7
Read 40 Minutes
Math pgs. 479-480
Math test Friday, March 10th Chapter 8

March 6
Read 40 Minutes
Math pgs. 473-474
Math Quiz on Wednesday 8.1-8.3

March 2
Read 40 minutes
Math pgs. 465-466

March 1
Read 40 minutes

Math pgs. 459-460
Read next 2 chapters of colonial book clubs

February Homework

Posted on February 1, 2017

Thursday 2.16
Colonial Book Club Chapter 4
Math pgs. 433-434
Read 40 minutes

Wednesday 2.15
Colonial Book Club Chapter 3 Homework page
Math pgs. 427-428
Read 40 minutes

Tuesday 2.14
Colonial Book Club Chapter 2 Homework page
Math pgs. 421-422
Read 40 minutes

Monday 2.13
Complete Colonial Book Clubs Questions and Homework
Math pgs. 413-414
Read 40 minutes

Thursday 2.9
Math pgs. 401-402
Bring in Colonial Pictures from the internet
Read 40 minutes


Fourth Grade Newsletter

Posted on January 19, 2017

March 16

Dear Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and you have managed to conquer the blizzard!  Unfortunately, they’re calling for more snow this weekend!  Is it Spring yet?!

This week, we have begun the Revolutionary War and began to discuss the causes leading up to the war; we call it, the Road to Revolution!  I apologize in advance for the lovely songs that we will be singing in class during this unit to help our learning; they’re really catchy!!!  Next week, we will be learning about the different battles and figures of the war.  In the past, this has been a unit that the children absolutely love and become very involved in.  They get excited and put themselves in the place of the colonists.  The songs are already stuck in their heads and the children truly understand the meaning of “No taxation without representation!”

In Science, Mr. Signorello began to introduce circuits to the children.  This is an essential science skill for children in fourth grade.  The students will learn how electricity flows through conductors and how non conductors stop electricity flow.  We will also be doing an extra fun STEM activity in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!   Please collect those old pennies from the bottom of your purse and coat pockets and send them in a zip lock baggy with your child.  I will send them back home at the end of the day!

In math, we have began decimals.  In fourth grade, we learn a basic introduction to decimals and relate it to the most common place we see decimals, MONEY!!! I have sent home review sheets for help.  In this email, you can find the reteach sheets that provide step by step explanations of each lesson and a practice test.  I suggest using this practice at the end to help students study for the chapter exam.  I have faith that they will do great in this chapter!  I was SO PROUD to see their math grades come up in Chapter 8! Let’s keep up the improvement!!!!

Reader’s and Writer’s notebooks will be sent home tomorrow, March 17th and students will resume weekly assignments next week on their days scheduled.  Here is a list of the days in case you forgot. 

Monday- Zechariah, Matthew, Jasmine
Tuesday- Joseph, Isabella, Josiah
Wednesday- Alani, Gabriel, Gianna
Thursday- Nickolas, Anabelle, Antonio
Friday- Matteo, Zaccary, Sean

Lastly, when is Mrs. O’s last day?  I will be here through Wednesday, April 12th.  When we return from Easter break, Ms. Zemaitis will be taking over the fourth grade class.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Zemaitis last week and I can assure you, the children are in excellent hands! She is excited to get to know the students and work with all of you!  Ms. Zemaitis will be spending some time with us during the weeks of April to get to observe the students and see our daily routines in action so there will be an easy transition.

Please be sure to sign up for Parent Teacher conferences next week using Sign up Genius.  If you need more than 10 minutes to discuss your child’s progress, please email me to make an appointment for another date and time.  On Tuesday, I can ONLY GIVE YOU 10 MINUTES. Last conferences, parents were very upset as we were running 20 minutes late due to time going over.  I will be more than happy to schedule you a different day at your convenience.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me!


Mrs. Oktausk


January Homework

Posted on



Thursday 1.26

Math Questions 5-12 on Worksheet 1 and 1-12 on Worksheet 2
Study for Math Quiz 6.1-6.5

Wednesday 1.25
Science notebook – answer questions, ONE PARAGRAPH EACH

Math pgs. 349-350

Tuesday 1. 24
Read Background Information on Sleepy Hollow – Fill out graphic organizer.
Math pgs. 343-344
Read 35 minutes
*Replenish any missing supplies such as expo markers, glue sticks, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Monday 1. 23
Colonial Craftspeople Gist Worksheet
Math pgs. 337-338 & study math vocabulary for chapter 6
Read 35 minutes
*Replenish any missing supplies such as expo markers, glue sticks, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, etc.


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