Grade 4 May 1st-5th Newsletter

Posted on May 5, 2017

Dear Families,

Good news- the math state test is finally over. Now just one more state test to go!

In Science, we have been reviewing a few questions each day to prepare for their state test. The first part of the test is at the end of the month. The second part of the test is in June.  We also are continuing on with our unit, “Energy.”

This week, we have completed Chapter 15 in our religion book. Your child took their test today.

In Social Studies, the class is finishing up the American Revolution. We have learned about the “Battle of Saratoga” and “Valley Forge.” Next week, we will be learning about the “Battle of Yorktown,” which will end this unit. I will have the class complete a writing assignment on this unit to help me determine how much they learned.

In ELA, we finished reading “Love That Dog” by Sharon Creech. We are excited to read “Hate That Cat” by the same author. In class, we have learned about Sharon Creech’s message of the story and what the characters learned. The class will complete a reading response next week that is based on the author’s message of their book. I have handed out directions for your child to follow in order to receive a good grade.

Next week is “Spirit Week.” Please make sure your child follows the schedule. Also, make sure your child hands in Field Day money as soon as possible.

Take care,

Ms. Zemaitis


Grade 4- April Newsletter

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Dear Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It has been a pleasure working with your child. Working collaboratively, we are off to a great start!

This week we have been focusing our concentration on Math. We have been reviewing topics that they will see on their Math State Tests. Each night for homework, I have been giving your child similar problems to complete, as to what they will see on the exam. I advise your child to study over the weekend. I will be having your child bring home a booklet with practice questions. I will be giving your child a certain amount of pages to complete for homework, but your child can complete as many pages in the book as they wish to help prepare for the test. Your child can also use the worksheets Mrs. Oktausk emailed to you to help prepare for it. In addition, I will be holding Extra Help Monday morning at 7:30am. Please have your child come in with questions that they need help with, this will help make extra help a success. I will be writing in your child’s planner if I feel your child would benefit from the extra help. However, anyone is welcomed to come.

Just a reminder, the Math State Test is Tuesday, May 2nd through May 4th.  The Science State Test is the following week. Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast, and gets plenty of sleep the night before the test. We will work hard to help your child do well on their exams!

This Tuesday, when the child comes in for the math test, they could probably use some moral support from a family member. Please write a note of encouragement, just like Mrs. Oktausk had you do for the ELA State Test. In the note, please wish your child good luck, and tell them that you will be proud of them as long as they tried their best! Here’s what you need to do (if you would like to participate):

  1. DO NOT tell your child what the paper was for.
  2. Write them a letter when he or she is not around.
  3. Fold the letter, seal it and write “FROM THE PARENTS OF: ______________________” on the cover, seal, and send back in their home folder. I will be collecting these on Monday, May 1st, and handing out the letters to your child the morning of the test.

I was here when your child took the ELA State Test, and I noticed that the letters helped calm their nerves. I would greatly appreciate it if you could participate! I’m sure your child would too!

This week, we have been reading “Love That Dog.” Your child has been enjoying the book. “Poem In Your Pocket Day” was on Thursday.  We celebrated by reading “Love that Dog” and making bookmarks with favorite lines from the book or quotes from the poems. I had your child swap their bookmarks with someone else in the class. Their bookmarks were very creative!

In Science, your child has been learning about “Energy Transfer” and “Energy Transformations.” In STEM, your child has been making rockets, and learning about “Newton’s Law of Motion.” They had fun making rockets with plastic straws and clay, as well as seeing how far their rockets could go.

In Religion, we learned about the fourth commandment. We will be having a test on Friday, May 5th. This will cover Chapter 15 in your child’s religion books.

We have had two birthdays that we celebrated this week! Sean’s birthday was on Wednesday and Isabella’s birthday is today! The class has also earned “Fun Friday” so I gave out a treat today to reward them of their hard work and good behavior this week. Great Job!

Thank you to those of you who are signing your child’s planner and staying on top of your child’s homework. I have been checking your child’s planner at the end of each school day to make sure they have written down all of their homework. Please make sure you read their planner each night to make sure they did all of their homework. It is much appreciated.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me at

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Take care,

Ms. Zemaitis


March Homework

Posted on March 7, 2017

March 8
Read 40 minutes

Math pgs. 485-486

March 7
Read 40 Minutes
Math pgs. 479-480
Math test Friday, March 10th Chapter 8

March 6
Read 40 Minutes
Math pgs. 473-474
Math Quiz on Wednesday 8.1-8.3

March 2
Read 40 minutes
Math pgs. 465-466

March 1
Read 40 minutes

Math pgs. 459-460
Read next 2 chapters of colonial book clubs

February Homework

Posted on February 1, 2017

Thursday 2.16
Colonial Book Club Chapter 4
Math pgs. 433-434
Read 40 minutes

Wednesday 2.15
Colonial Book Club Chapter 3 Homework page
Math pgs. 427-428
Read 40 minutes

Tuesday 2.14
Colonial Book Club Chapter 2 Homework page
Math pgs. 421-422
Read 40 minutes

Monday 2.13
Complete Colonial Book Clubs Questions and Homework
Math pgs. 413-414
Read 40 minutes

Thursday 2.9
Math pgs. 401-402
Bring in Colonial Pictures from the internet
Read 40 minutes


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