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grade-4-chalkboardWelcome to Mrs. Stiegelbauer and Mrs. Rolleri’s Class Page!

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Class Notes
– Scholastic Book Club code for 5th Grade- NPG2D. You use this if you order online.

Grade 5 Specials
Monday- gym and computer
Tuesday- music and Spanish
Wednesday- art
Thursday- STEM and Spanish
Friday- Spanish

April Newsletter

Posted on April 12, 2017

April 10, 2017


Dear Families,

First and foremost, we would like to wish everyone a blessed Easter and a relaxing vacation.  The children have been working extremely hard and have earned their time off.  We hope that you are able to spend some time together doing something you love.

Science Grade 5

The Invention Convention will be on April 27th in Douglaston. We will be in the convent for our displays. It would be nice if you could join us. Our next unit in Science will be the Solar System.

Science- Grade 6

The sixth grade is now working on Forces and Motion. The students will be completing their performance tasks in school and be prepared with any and all materials that they need.  They have started making balloon cars to help them with their topic.

Math- Grade 5

We are finishing up our unit on multiplying fractions and we will begin dividing fractions in the fifth grade in math.  This unit will be a short one because of all the background we have laid already in the previous chapter.  Nightly review of the multiplication tables is very important.

Math- Grade 6

The sixth grade will begin their NYS math test on May 2-4. During that time, the sixth grade will not receive any Math homework.  Regular homework will resume the following week .The sixth grade has prepared well for this assessment and they are intelligent critical thinkers.  I will remind the children to follow directions and read carefully.  Please encourage your child to do his/her best.  Finally, please make sure your child has at least two #2 pencils that have erasers and are sharpened.


Religion- Grade 5

The children are finishing up Chapter 27 on Easter this week. We will then be going over all of the sacraments beginning with Baptism. One of our 5th graders was baptized this Palm Sunday- Daniel and his sister Samantha. Congratulations!

5 th Grade ELA

Students have been very busy finishing up their study of “Hatchet”. Students have been accessed and are now finishing up their literacy group work projects, writing a play based on their individual novels. As we are also preparing for Easter students will complete these studies and upon our return we will be beginning with a short study of some our most famous poets. In a few weeks we should be starting our novel study of Brian’s adventure from Hatchet called Brian’s Winter another novel by Gary Paulsen. Our students are very excited about this novel as it is a continuation of Hatchet had Brian our main character not been found. Over the Easter break I would ask only that our students read and keep a journal of their reading in their journal entry notebooks. Have a Blessed Easter!

5 th Grade Social Studies

We have completed our study of Canada! Students will be working on a project about Canada. They will be expected to create an ABC book of all things that are Canadian. This assignment will be given out upon our return from Easter break. I am currently looking into a survival field trip at Alley Pond. I am hoping for the availability as this will coincide with our study of both our novel and survival in the wilderness.

6 th Grade ELA

We will begin our study of, Percy Jackson and the Olympian by Rick Riordan upon our return from break. Students will be expected to complete a journal entry daily for this novel study on a daily basis. They should summarize what relevant information was read in class as well as discussions held in class that day. Literacy group books should be read over vacation. Each student is expected to keep a log of what they have read in their journal notebooks over Easter break.

6 th Grade Social Studies

We will begin our study of Ancient Greece and Rome. On Friday April 28 th we will be visiting the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Please have all students return their permission slips as well as the $5.00 cost of this trip.

6 th Grade Religion

In chapter 4, students learned that God kept his promises and was with his people as they struggled with the effects of Original Sin. In chapter 5 we will will learn about our ancestors in faith. Some of those ancestors from the Old Testament include, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Once again, enjoy your vacation and come back to school well rested and ready for the last months of school.

Mrs. Stiegelbauer                   Mrs. Rolleri

Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Posted on April 10, 2017

Grade 5- Math- p. 393-394

Invention Convention- April 27th at Douglaston convent

Grade 6- Math-p. 308, test tomorrow

Science- p. 14-#1-5, write question and answer in notebook

Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Posted on April 6, 2017

Grade 5- Math- 391-392

Mathletics- Fractions

Grade 6- Math- p. 300 #1-12

Mathletics- equations and expressions. Test Tuesday

Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Posted on April 5, 2017

Grade 5- Math- p.386-388

Mathletics- fractions

Religion- test tomorrow

Grade 6-Math- Ready book finish

Mathletics- Expressions and equations

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