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Ms. Murphy,
7th grade Homeroom, 7th and 8th grade Math and Science

Homework will be available via on this class page and the information provided will be updated regularly! In addition, both class pages will have useful resources added as needed in order to further enhance the access level students have outside of the classroom.

Grade 7 Resources
Math: Markup Discount and Tax.pdf | all-operators-1.pdf | all-operators-2.pdf| all-operators-3.pdf
Science: Cell Proj.pdf
ELA: Independent Reading Log | Monthly Book Review Organizer | Monthly Book Review Guidelines | IRB Reading Project

7th Grade- Narrative Poem Guidelines

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Your groups poem must include:

-A minimum of 15 lines

-A beginning, a middle and an ending

-All of the elements of narrative poetry

-Evidence of at least 3 responses to the questions

*At least 4 examples of poetic/literary elements that are labeled within the poem!

Bi-Weekly Letter- June 6th

Posted on June 6, 2017

June 6th, 2017

Dear 7th and 8th Grade Families:

It feels like just yesterday, this academic year was just beginning and here we are in June!? There are numerous events which induce excitement during this month; however, it is still imperative for students to behave in the appropriate manner during the school day.? As we look forward to the 8th Grades final days at DWCA and the metaphorical passing of the torch for our 7th Graders who will becoming the top of the school community, it is of the utmost importance for parents and students to stick to due dates.? As has been the case since September, we thank you all for your continued cooperation!

7th Grade Math:? In 7th grade, students are observing and calculating the differences between experimental and theoretical probability.? They have made predictions on large populations given a small sample using their prior knowledge on ratios and percentages.? During this upcoming week, we will be finishing the final module of the year on theoretical probability.? Students should expect a test at the beginning of next week concluding the years curriculum.


8th Grade Math:?In 8th grade, students have concluded the years curriculum with a test on Unit 6: Statistics and a supplemental quiz on ways to display and compare sets of data.? Students who needed a third test grade for the trimester were sent home with a comprehensive assignment on Friday.


7th Grade Science: In 7th grade, students are studying the importance of the nervous system and how our 5 senses work in conjunction with the body’s nerves and brain to maintain homeostasis throughout the whole body.? In STEM, we have made connections between the workings of the nervous system and of an electrical circuit.? We also tested how our motor skills are affected by different stimuli in the environment.? Additionally, the 7th grade has studied how different types of drugs have an affect on the brains ability to function properly.? Over the last few weeks of school, the students will conclude their unit on the nervous system and finish up the year with the endocrine and reproductive systems.


8th Grade Science:?In 8th grade, the students have explored the various aspects of our solar system.? Using their prior knowledge of physical science and chemistry, they observed how the solar system was created from a solar nebula.? They compared and contrasted the rocky inner planets with the gaseous outer planets.? In STEM, they have observed the differences in seasons and how star constellations change as the seasons change through an indoor, inflatable planetarium. The 8th grade will conclude their year of science with the second part of the New York State Science Assessment as well as observing the current NASA exploration projects.


7th ELA: The students have begun to identify and determine the effect poetic devices have on readers.? The course will look to further enhance our students understanding and appreciation of this artistic form of writing.? The students have taken an extensive look at narrative poetry and will be working on creating their own narrative poems as their conclusion to English Language Arts for this academic year.

7th Social Studies:?The 7th grade has collected an exorbitant amount of information within their groups on their given topics.? The students have worked collaboratively in an effort to gain a strong comprehension of various time periods in the Pre-Civil War age of American History.? Additionally, the students have been/will be presenting their findings on their assigned time period to the rest of the class.? The goal of this portion of our academic term is to have the students teach and learn from one another in order to display their abilities to go in depth with historical information.? The presentations and student created work/writing assignments will serve as the conclusion of our Social Studies curriculum for this academic year.

8th ELA:?The 8th graders have continued their work in an effort to further expand on their abilities to thoroughly analyze complex texts.? The students have carefully examined All Summer in a Day and The Ransom of the Red Chief during the past couple of weeks. Our students will examine one final short story this week and their final English Language Arts course at DWCA will come to a strong conclusion.

8th Social Studies😕In 8th Grade Social Studies, World War II has ended and the students conducted extensive research on six different and key time periods in United States History.? The students have worked with a group of their peers in order to create a presentation and literally teach the rest of the students in the class about their time period.? The students dedicated a lot of time and energy into preparing for their presentations and this hard work has clearly payed off as the groups who have already gone did an excellent job.? We will conclude our Social Studies curriculum with the Modern Threats to Democracy groups presentation tomorrow.

Additional Information and Dates:

  • 8th Grade Woodloch Pines Permission Slips are due signed by Thursday, June 6th.
  • 8thGrade Graduation Student Dance will be held at the Douglaston club on June 9th?at 7:00PM.
  • 8thGrade Graduation Liturgy and Awards Ceremony is on June 11th, at the ICC at 12 noon.? (Students MUST arrive at 11:15!)
  • 8thGrade Trip to Woodloch Resort will be on June 14th
  • DWCAs First Annual Walkathon will be held on Thursday, June 15th
  • 8th Grade Graduation Practice will be held at 9:30 AM on FRIDAY, JUNE 16th. Students will meet at the DOUGLASTON CAMPUS at 9:00 AM!
  • 8thGrade Graduation Ceremony at the ICC will be held on June 16th?at 7:00 PM (Students MUST arrive by 6:15 PM!)
  • 7th Grade Six Flags Field Trip, Tuesday June 20th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

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