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7th grade Homeroom, 7th and 8th grade Math and Science

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7th & 8th Grade Bi-Weekly- 5/17

Posted on May 17, 2017

May 17th, 2017

Dear 7th and 8th Grade Families:

We are half way through the month of May and as we approach the ever nearing end of this academic year, it is imperative that all students are reminded to remain focused and continue to strive towards a strong finish!  With the warmer days upon us, it is also important that all students remain dressed appropriately and remind themselves to keep a respectful and positive attitude.  As we move on towards the conclusion of May, there are also a number of important due dates which require compliance.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation!


7th Grade Math:  In 7th grade Math, students have studied and been tested on various ways to display and analyze data. They also practiced different ways to gather samples of data from a large population.  From that sample, the students made observations and inferences about the whole.  Currently, the 7th grade is working on Unit 6: Probability.  Throughout this chapter, students will learn how to calculate experimental and theoretical probability of a given event.  Extra help is available on Monday afternoons.


8th Grade Math:  In 8th grade Math, students have completed their units on Geometry and moved on to Unit 6: Statistics.  They have observed how data can be represented through scatter plot and two-way tables.  The students used their knowledge on graphing linear equations to create trend lines so that they can make predictions from a given set of data.  The students learned to organize and analyze data on a two-way table to see associations in categorical data.  They will be tested on Unit 6: Statistics at the beginning of next week.  Extra help will be held on Wednesdays.  During the last few weeks of school, students will review materials that will be important for success in Algebra I next year.


7th Grade Science:  The 7th grade has continued their studies on the human body systems.  They have observed and been tested on the parts and functions of the circulatory system.  We are currently studying respiration and excretion.  In STEM, students have created models of both the circulatory and respiratory systems to observe how specific parts work.  Over the next few weeks, the 7th grade will continue through the systems with the nervous and endocrine systems.


8th Grade Science:  In 8th grade,  the students have created weather maps of the United States using the proper symbols learned in class.  They have observed how change in air pressure and movement of air masses can affect weather in a specific area.  Students have also studied patterns in climate and differentiated between the 3 climate zones.  During the next few weeks, they will learn about various aspects of space.  In STEM, the 8th grade has studied the movement of Earth around the Sun and how that affects climate zones and moon phases.  They have also started practicing for the New York State Test coming up on May 30th and June 5th.


7th ELA: The students have finished their close reading of the novel Lyddie and they are currently working towards completing their final analytic project.  This project will require the students to examine key quotations from the novel in an effort to continue our work as ‘good readers.’  The class will also be developing their ability to ask and respond to higher level critical thinking questions.  Upon completion of this assessment, the course will shift towards our final unit which will be based on Poetry.

7th Social Studies:  The 7th grade have begun to examine the key locations, figures, and events which helped the United States  to move past their beginning as 13 British Colonies and evolve into ‘A New Nation.’  The students will be moving towards a final project on this unit which will require maximum effort, creativity, and the ability to think critically.  Following this unit, the course will look at the impactful happenings which further progressed the United States and helped the country become a forceful nation.

8th ELA:  The 8th graders have completed their analysis of the novel Of Mice and Men and they have created their own ending to the novel.  This incorporated the concepts of writing creatively, examining the novel, and utilizing literary elements to enhance their writing.  The class will be completing a final analytical project based on the novel which will help lead us into the final unit of the school year.

8th Social StudiesIn 8th Grade Social Studies, we are nearing the end of World War II and the class has taken an extensive look at the various figures, happenings, battles, and strategies which helped the Allied Powers become victorious.  During this week, the class will take an extensive look at the difficult strategic and moral decision made by newly appointed President Truman to drop the Atomic Bomb.  The students will write an argumentative essay based on this concept in which they will build and support their claims by utilizing other key details from the unit.  The final unit of this semester will involve the students completing and presenting a group analysis of different time periods and events which helped shape the United States of today.

Additional Information and Dates:

  • The $150 8thGrade Class Trip Fee is must be submitted by May 24th.
  • The 8thGrade students must bring in their graduation $350 fee by Wednesday, May 24th.
  • 8thGrade Graduation Student Dance will be held at the Douglaston club on June 9th at 7:00PM.
  • 8thGrade Graduation Liturgy and Awards Ceremony is on June 11th, at the ICC at 12 noon.
  • 8thGrade Trip to Woodloch Resort will be on June 14th.
  • 8thGrade Graduation Ceremony at the ICC will be held on June 16th at 7:00 PM
  • 7th Grade Six Flags Field Trip, Tuesday June 20th.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Ms. Murphy                                                                                                       Mr. Brolly                                                                

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7th and 8th grade Math and Science                                                           7th and 8th grade ELA and Social Studies

7th Grade ELA

Posted on May 16, 2017

All students MUST have their quotations, critical thinking questions, and complete responses in class tomorrow in order to begin work on their final copy of the ‘Lyddie Quotation Analysis Book!’

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