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7th grade Homeroom, 7th and 8th grade Math and Science

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3/14 Bi-Weekly Letter

Posted on March 14, 2017

March 14th, 2017

Dear 7th and 8th Grade Families:

The second trimester has flown by and we have officially begun the third and final trimester of this academic year.  We hope you are all having a restful snowday! With the end of the year nearing, it is imperative that the students remained focused on completing this school year on a strong and positive note.  March is a busy month in which our 7th and 8th graders prepare to put on a solid ‘Stations of the Cross’ performance.  The students will be practicing this performance during the afternoons in the St. Robert Bellarmine Church.  In the coming weeks, report cards for the second trimester will be sent home and it is expected that they are signed and returned during the parent teacher conferences.  During this very busy time, we thank you all for being more than cooperative!


7th Grade Math:  In 7th grade math, the students are on their way to finishing unit 4: Geometry.  This unit included an array of geometric topics such as finding angle measures, scale models, triangle rules, area of circles and composite figures, circumference, surface area, and volume.  They completed an in-class project to create a person from composite figures and then they had to find the area of their person.  By the end of this week, the students will be assessed on the last topics of unit 4 and we will move onto unit 5: Statistics.  In unit 5, the students will prepare and analyze data in different ways.


8th Grade Math:  In 8th grade math, the students completed and were assessed on their knowledge of unit 5: Measurement Geometry.  They completed in-class projects using their understanding of angle pairs to create a city of 5 parallel lines and 2 transversals.  They were to place certain parts of their city (library, park, school, etc.) in specific corresponding angles pairs.  Projects are on display outside the 7th and 8th grade classrooms.  This past week, the students started unit 4: Transformational Geometry.  They have compared the properties of different transformations such as reflections, rotations, and translations and will begin to observe how to express such transformations algebraically.


7th Grade Science:  In 7th grade science, the students have studied and been assessed on the various parts and functions of the skeletal system, muscular system, and skin.  In STEM, they had the opportunity to dissect chicken legs and owl pellets to observe the system characteristics in animals.  Over the past week, we have moved onto the digestive system and the many organs that are essential to the breakdown and absorption of our food.  Throughout the 3rd trimester, the 7th grade will continue to explore the different systems and their specific functions.


8th Grade Science:  In 8th grade science, the students have observed the effects on weathering and erosion on rocks as well as the importance of maps and their different features.  This week, we are moving onto a new chapter which compares the layers of our atmosphere.  In STEM, students had the opportunity to search for geocache around the school yard with latitude and longitude maps, observe the effects of water erosion, and study how GPS is used to create maps.


7th ELA: The students have been conducting their literary analysis of Lyddie over the past few weeks and we are well into the novel.  In the coming weeks, we will continue our thorough analysis of the novel set during the Industrial Age of America.  As we move forward, vocabulary lists will be handed out and students will be given ample notice prior to said quizzes.  It is also important that the young scholars continue to engage with the novel and review outside of the classroom.

7th Social Studies:  The 7th grade has completed a thorough examination of the French and Indian War which helped spark the tensions which would eventually lead to the American Revolution.  In the coming weeks we will analyze the key figures and events which took place prior to and during the Revolutionary War.

8th ELA:  The 8th graders have successfully completed their unit on dystopian literature.  We have also taken a look at the time period in which the novel Of Mice and Men will take place. In the coming weeks, we will begin our analysis of the novel and continue our identification and explanations regarding the importance of literary elements.

8th Social StudiesIn 8th Grade Social Studies, we are well into our unit on the Industrial Age of America.  We have taken a look at the key figures and events which helped make America an industrial superpower.  This time period also allowed America to begin to look closer to the America we know today.

Additional Information and Dates:

  • Please submit all High School Selection forms and Round 2 Public School information ASAP. Preferably when we return following the impending snow day(s).
  • Patrick’s Day is on Friday, March 17th. This is also a student council dress down day, please be sure your student is dressed appropriately.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, March 21st. Please check your emails for the link to sign-up genius!
  • 7th and 8th Grade Stations of the Cross will be held on Friday, April 7th following the 9:00 AM first Friday Mass.
  • The $150 8th Grade Class Trip Fee is must be submitted by April 24th.
  • The 8th Grade students must bring in the name which will appear on their diplomas by Monday, March 24th.
  • 8th Grade Graduation Student Dance will be held at the Douglaston club on June 9th at 7:00PM.
  • 8th Grade Graduation Liturgy and Awards Ceremony is on June 11th, at the ICC at 12 noon.
  • 8th Grade Trip to Woodloch Resort will be on June 14th.
  • 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony at the ICC will be held on June 16th at 7:00 PM


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Ms. Murphy                                                                                                       Mr. Brolly                                                                

7th grade Homeroom                                                                                      8th grade Homeroom and Religion

7th and 8th grade Math and Science                                                           7th and 8th grade ELA and Social Studies

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