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Welcome to 7th Grade! Our teachers are:

Lorie McClain ( – Science
Connor Schmid ( – Social Studies
Stephanie Buono ( – Math
Michelle Faulkner ( – ELA

ELA Resources

body paragraphs

citing and conclusion

revise and edit

lyddie claims and counterclaims

short response literary elements

reading comp and mc strategies
Reading Log (pdf)
– “A Christmas Carol” | blidungsroman.ppt | Family Feud test review.pptx
TIED paragraph resource.pptx | theme vs. topic sentence video
graphic novel samples.pptx | IRB reading project.docx
writing about myths.pptx | how to write a topic sentence video
folktale vocabulary list.pptx | Native American folktales.doc

Math Resources

Surface Area of complex figures, video

Measures of Center and Spread

Use this website also to check out examples for finding the mean, median, mode and range.

Using a box-and-whisker plot

Science Resources
types-of-reproduction | cellular processes.ppt | What are variables (ppt)



Skeletal+System rev


Social Studies Resources


Bi-weekly update April 12, 2017

Posted on April 15, 2017

April 12, 2017
Dear 7th Grade Families:
Spring has sprung…just in time for Easter break!

Reminder:​ Money for the May 13th Ring Day Brunch is due May 5th. We are hoping all families will come and celebrate students moving into their important role as the upperclassmen in their last year at DWCA.

Below is an update on what the students have been studying the past two weeks:


Seventh grade students are continuing their study of the human body person with the digestive system. This unit also included information on basic nutrition stressing the essential nutrients within the food groups. Students were asked to develop a foldable with good sources of each nutrient and health benefits for the body.

For STEM, students looked at various antacids and their effects of on neutralizing acids. Students were asked to observe, analyze and evaluate results.
Corresponding with the circulatory system, students examined and simulated the pumping mechanism of the heart by using siphons to pump water. Students also were shown how to find their carotid arterial pulse and take their resting pulse rate.

Social Studies

In social studies we examined the rise of our government under the Constitution, and the initial failure of the Articles of Confederation. Students looked at the role of each branch of the government, as well as the rights given to citizens in the Bill of Rights by students the Constitution itself. We worked on the concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances and how they work to ensure our government does not become too powerful. On Monday students had their exam on the end of the American Revolution and our early government

Once we return from break we will be looking at the first few years following the presidency of George Washington. We will examine the presidencies of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison to look at how the early years of our republic shaped the United States for years to come. We will look at how the Louisiana Purchase changed the office of the Presidency and expanded our country geographically.

Once we return from break we will be starting a speech and debate club for our 6th and 7th graders. Keep an eye out for the letter being sent home!


These past few weeks, we have continued to look at characterization in ​Lyddie​. While we started out the book looking at traits formed from her circumstances as a head of her home, we are now able to analyze her developing character traits as she is faces challenges from factory life.

The students also completed an argumentative essay that answered the prompt: Should Lyddie sign the petition? The students participated in a debate, learned about counterclaims and counter evidence as well as the steps to creating a sound argument. All of these elements came together in a final essay.

Moving forward, the students will be expected to finish reading ​Lyddie ​over the break. We will be spending time learning how to analyze quotes using a different method. Students will practice asking level 2 analysis questions that will give analytical answers! As we move towards the end of this unit, the students will present the analysis of strong quotes.

Please be reminded that the final IRB project will be due on June 1.


Our most recent unit in math class is Statistics. Students worked hard to calculate different measures of a set of data. These measures included finding the mean (or average), the mode (most frequent), and the median (the middle number), and all of these are measures of the center of the data. We also worked on finding the range of data, which is a measure of spread or variability. Using these terms helped us to develop descriptive language for a set of data.

Students continued to build on their knowledge in order to compare different data sets based on their centers, their variability, and also their shape and if there were any outliers in the data. Students used data collected on their own class with a survey. From this survey information students created a boxplot for their data, and also analyzed the data on big chart paper in cooperative learning groups. The students were really engaged in plotting their own data, and were able to demonstrate their understanding of descriptive statistics.

Students had at this point learned about two different types of plots for data. A box (or box and whisker) plot is one way to display the data based on the different quartiles, and a box plot in general will show where the median is, and the range of the data is. Another type of plot the students learned about is called a dot (or line) plot. A dot plot requires students to denote each individual data point. A dot plot most clearly shows the mode, and also the range. Overall, in statistics, students did a great job displaying and analyzing data in different ways. On the last days before the break, we changed gears, and read a Math magazine together. We learned about containers made out of mushroom parts, and about the snub-nosed monkeys in China.

The 7th and 8th grade team would like to wish all student and their families a blessed Easter. We hope your Spring break is relaxing and fun. We also hope that all students come back with renewed commitment to finish the year strong.


Lorie McClain (​​) Science

Connor Schmid (​​) Social Studies

Stephanie Buono (​​ Math

Michelle Faulkner (​​) ELA


Posted on April 10, 2017

Students received back their graded exam on digestion.  Those which are stamped ‘parent signature’ should be signed and returned to me.

Read pages 109-113 on blood vessels.

7th Grade ELA homework

Posted on

Please read chapter 17 of Lyddie and be ready to discuss.

Decorated found poems DUE WEDNESDAY


Please complete quote analysis activity: Using the quote you selected from today’s classwork to answer the question: How has Lyddie changed? What are her concerns and what is she focused on?

Create 2-3 level 2 questions. Then answer these questions to show an analysis of the quote. Refer back to class notes and our practice!

7th Grade Douglaston Homework

Posted on April 7, 2017

Review for the test on Monday on the end of the American Revolution and our early government. Remember to look at the review sheet to find topics you might need to study

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