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Welcome to 8th Grade! Our teachers are:

Lorie McClain ( – Science
Connor Schmid ( – Social Studies
Stephanie Buono ( – Math
Michelle Faulkner ( – ELA

Religion Resources (Mrs. Buono)

Crusades Research

Late Middle Ages Research

Cyberbullying HW
Ch 8 & 9 Review, and Essay
Commandment brochure
Chapter 4-6 Review

ELA Resources

The Lady or the Tiger

body paragraphs and conclusion

body paragraphs

intro research essay

thesis for research

beginning research

MLA format-Works Cited- Intext Citations

poetic forms

mc and rhymes

rubrics and sample responses

multiple choice strategies

how to research
Study Guide test 1.docx | “A Christmas Carol”
analyzing a photo.pptx | creating an ad.pptx
project checklist Recovered.pptx writing a technical piece.pptx
IRB reading project.docx | civil war project editorial piece.pptx
private grayrock letter writing.pptx | civil war short story project guidelines 1.docx
Spelling Rules and bee.ppt | The Mocking.docx
Reading Log (pdf)
The Sniper Vocabulary (ppt) | Beginning the sniper (ppt) | The Sniper (doc)

Math Resources

Using Parallel lines cut by a transversal video

Pythagorean Theorem

Science Resources

The_Atmosphere final (1) (1)

Earthquakes1 Part 1

Earthquakes Part 2
lab format.docx 01 00_Earth_Layers 1.pptx | 8th Grade Pet Rock Project.docx
Matter jepardywith music.ppt | bonding.ppt | intro periodic 1.ppt
Elements-Compounds-Mixtures.ppt | 8th States of Matter 2.ppt | states of matter foldable.pdf
RocksandMineralNotesPPT 2.ppt | What are variables (ppt) | Matter: Atoms (ppt)

Social Studies Resources

8-1 Art reminder

Posted on

8-1 Please remember to bring in a photocopy for self portraits in art class.

8th Grade ELA Homework 5-19-17

Posted on May 19, 2017

8-1 Please complete a one paragraph response:

Choose a statement from the anticipation guide and write one paragraph explaining why you agree or disagree with the statement.

Be as specific as you can!

8-2: For each of the following characters write:

  1. A description of the motivation (include the type)
  2. an evaluation of the choice made as a result of the motivation

*your entire response should be about 4-5 sentences for each character

The Princess

The King (the Lover)

The Lover

***A PDF of the story is linked under ELA Resources

***Reminder: IRB project DUE JUNE 1 – Reading log should be included starting from March 13!

8th Math

Posted on May 18, 2017

8-2 Religion: Send me your work on the research on the Late Middle Ages please, due Thursday

Quiz on Statistics, now on Thurs

Mon: Worksheet (labeled B07) on box plots

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