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Word Wall Words (Sight Words) February 2017

Posted on February 11, 2017

Word Wall Words (Sight Words) as of February 10, 2017
and we
as was
a what
at yellow
are you
can your
did has
for be


Posted on

February 10, 2017
Dear K-1 Families,

What an unpredictable week it was! We thought Spring was on its way for sure at the start of the week and ended up with a snow day! We hope everyone enjoyed their day off spending time with their families and making new memories! Let’s check out some highlights from the week:
Echo guided us through our upper and lowercase letters O and P. We have also added the words has and be to our word wall. Families, you can find a copy of our sight words on our class page, as well.
As we get ready to celebrate Presidents’ week, we have been learning about President Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was a very tall and strong man who read a lot of books and wanted people to treat others fairly. President Lincoln worked very hard to end slavery and he signed an important paper that did just that! We also learned that President Lincoln taught himself how to read and always carried books around with him when he was a young boy. We also wrote about how we spent our snow day on Thursday. Some of us wrote about drinking hot chocolate, making a snowman, baking cupcakes and watching a movie. We read our Scholastic magazines in preparation of Valentine’s Day about all the ways animals say “I Love You”. We talked about the different ways we say “I Love You” like helping others and being kind to each other. We even learned how to say “I Love You” in sign language!
In math, we continue to work on subtraction. We are building our subtraction fluency by writing subtraction sentences. By listening to subtraction word problems, we are first able to tell how many objects are in a set to begin with. Next, we are able to tell how many objects in the set are being taken away. Families, we take away objects in a set by drawing a circle around them and crossing them out. Then, we are able to tell how many objects are left in the set to find our answer. Families, the fancy word for answer in a subtraction sentence is called the difference. Here is an example of the type of word problems we have been practicing: There are five crabs. Some are taken from the set. Now there are three crabs. How many were taken from the set? We begin by counting the number of crabs in all. We know that there are three crabs left in the set so we draw a circle and cross out the number of crabs that will leave us with three crabs which is two! So, 5-2=3. We also practiced subtraction problems using larger numbers to ten. Using our math cubes and counters, we are able to illustrate subtraction problems and build on important vocabulary like minus, take apart, is equal to and are left. We listened to other subtraction problems like this: There are some birds. Six are taken from the set. Draw three more birds to show how many you started with. How many did we start with?” To figure out how many birds we started with, we count all the birds! Families, you can practice these types of subtraction problems, with us at home too!
Families, a few of our parents have been asking about our Valentine’s Day celebration. We will be celebrating on Tuesday, February 14th with a special valentine snack from myself and Ms. Manny. If you would like to send in Valentines’ for the class, please be advised that they must be individually wrapped and ready to be put in our friends’ backpacks. Please also only write who the special treat is from and do not individually label with the names of the classmates. You may send in these treats on Monday, February 13th & Tuesday, February 14th. There are 20 friends in our class.

Here are some reminders for the week ahead:
-Tuesday, February 14th-special Valentine’s Day snack. If you are sending in valentine’s treats for the class please follow the above.
-Tuesday, February 14th-February book report is due.
-Wednesday, February 15th-our in house “Weather Workshop” with Mr. Greene. We will also be having gym so please dress your child in his/her gym uniform and sneakers.
-Monday, February 20th-Friday, February 24th- school is closed for mid-winter recess. See you back at school on Monday, February 27th.

God Bless,
Mrs. DeVito

2-3-17 Newsletter

Posted on February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017
Dear K-1 Families,
What a fantastic week it was! Catholic Schools week was a blast and we hope that you enjoyed visiting our classroom (and first grade, too!) and seeing all of the exciting work we have been doing! We had a great time making ice cream sundaes in our pajamas, getting up and dancing and we enjoyed reading special stories with our 4th grade friends! The best part of the week was going to First Friday Mass with our 7th grade buddies!
This week, Echo visited us and brought with her two more letters to practice-uppercase letters “M” and “N”. We are making such great progress with our reading and writing, as Echo is guiding us through our word wall words and sounding out our letters to blend into words! Our word wall words for this week are have and are.
This week, we are continuing our unit study on the Arctic and Antarctica. While we have done some amazing research on many of the animals that live in these frigid and faraway places, we had the chance to create our own animals that could survive here. Mrs. DeVito showed us how to use an organizer to help with the planning of our animal. Families, an organizer helps us to put our ideas into writing in a neat way. We used our organizer to guide us through the name of our animal, how it moves, how it keeps warm, what it eats as well as an illustration of our animal. We then used our organizer to guide us in writing full sentences about our animal! As we worked on our writing, we talked about a few reminders for all good writers. Families, it’s important to remember that good writers start with a capital letter when writing the first letter of the first word of a new sentence, that good writers leave finger spaces between their words and that good writers end their sentences with a period. It was so much fun and we created some really cool names for our animals, too!
In math, we are working with subtraction. When we subtract, we are taking apart or comparing sets. We use the minus sign to show subtraction. Together, we looked at pictures to help us understand that subtraction means taking from. For example, if four friends are eating lunch at their table and two of those friends leave the table we know that two friends are left. Take away means that something is taken from a group or set. Families, you can practice subtraction with us at home, too!
In religion, we have been talking about how we show God’s love. We listened to a special story about a young boy who was fascinated by the pocket watch his Dad had. His father explained that when he was a little boy, his dad gave him that watch. We talked about all the ways our families show their love for us and how we can do the same. We learned about Jesus as a little boy and illustrated some ideas about what he did at our age. We drew pictures of Jesus going to school, making friends and helping others!
Here are a few reminders for the week ahead:
-A new book report form is being sent home in your child’s folder. Our February book reports are due Tuesday, February 14th.
-February 6th-the last day to submit online Scholastic book orders.
-February 8th-gym and 2:10 pm dismissal.
-Friday, Feb. 10th-student council sponsored dress down day for all those who have paid.
-A new HW notebook will be sent home with your child on Monday. Please keep the old HW notebooks at home.

God Bless,
Mrs. DeVito

K-1 Newsletter 1/12/17

Posted on January 28, 2017

January 27, 2017
Dear K-1 Families,
What a busy week it was! We have been working so hard as “scientists” researching some really cool animals that live in the Arctic! Take a peek at some of the highlights from our week:
Echo the Owl guided us through our uppercase letters “K” and “L” this week. Families you can continue to review proper letter formation with us at home, too using our fundations charts that were sent home in our folders in September. We have been making such great progress with our writing and really paying attention to using proper letter formation. Our word wall words this week were our and had.
This week, we did a lot of research and learned about three new animals that can survive in the frigid temperatures of the Arctic. We learned all about the narwhal-what a cool looking animal! Did you know that a narwhal is a type of whale and it is a mammal? Families, a mammal is an animal that has hair on its body and the mothers produce milk to feed their babies until their babies are old enough to survive on their own. We are mammals, too! Male narwhals have a special tooth called a tusk and they look like unicorns in the ocean. Narwhals travel together in groups called pods to stay safe from predators and to hunt for food. Narwhals feed on fish, squid and krill. We also learned about the musk oxen and the polar bear. Did you know that the musk oxen have been around for thousands of years and they have two coats of fur to keep them warm? During the spring, they actually shed their undercoat to keep them cool! Musk oxen are also plant eaters and they eat the grass and small plants that can survive the Arctic tundra. Did you know that the polar also has an interesting way to keep cool during the warmer months, too? The polar bears can become warm very quickly and to keep their bodies cool, they roll around on the ice! We learned some really cool facts this week about each of these animals and wrote fact cards for each!
In math we have been practicing how to write addition sentences for number pairs with sums of ten. Using our math cubes, we can model a cube train of ten using both red and blue cubes. Did you know that you can model ten in different ways? For example, 3 and 7 make ten and 4 and 6 make ten. Using our math cubes we can model this and show our number pairs. If we have 3 red cubes and 7 blue cubes in our cube train we can write our addition sentence as 3+7=10. If we turn over our cube train our addition sentence becomes 7+3=10! Again, we are modeling a sum of ten using the same numbers but in different ways-this is called a number pair!
Families, Sunday kicks off Catholic Schools Week! Please be mindful of all of the events listed below for each day.
Here are a few reminders for Catholic Schools Week (our upcoming week):
-Sunday, January 29th-Catholic Schools Week Opening Mass @ 10 am in St. Anastasia Church. All of our Academy families are encouraged to attend with our Kindergarten friends . We encourage all students attending Mass to wear their DWCA uniforms. Following Mass, all are invited to Father Smith Hall for breakfast. Our open house and registration will begin following breakfast from 11 am-2 pm.
-Monday, January 30th-Classroom visits. Kindergarten families are welcome to take a peek at what is happening in our class (and first grade) as all of our friends are getting first grade ready! Classroom visits are scheduled from 9:30 am-11 am.
-Tuesday, January 31st-Pajama Day/Spirit Wear Day and Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Day. Our Kindergarten friends are invited to wear pajama pants and a sweatshirt. Another option is their DWCA spirit wear or their gym uniforms. We will also be having ice cream sundaes at lunch. Parents, I strongly encourage you to limit the number of snacks sent in with your child’s lunch on Tuesday in preparation for our ice cream sundaes.
-Wednesday, February 1st-Get Up & Dance Day- Students are encouraged to wear their favorite sports jersey. Music will be piped through the loud speakers at any time of the day so we can all just “get up and dance”. We will be having gym as well so please be sure that your child is wearing his/her gym pants and sneakers. Dismissal is 2:10 pm.
-Thursday, February 2nd-special visit from Bishop DiMarzio. The Bishop will be visiting classrooms and meeting students in grades 1-8. Parents are welcome to St. Anastasia Church at 9:30 am.
-Friday, February 3rd-First Friday & 12 noon dismissal. Our Kindergarten friends will be attending Mass for the first time this year! Please pack only a snack as dismissal is 12 noon. Our friends in the upper grades will also be visiting our Kindergarten class to “Share-A-Book” and read one-on-one!

God Bless,
Mrs. DeVito

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