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– Wear sneakers for running around the playground and on Fridays for gym class.
– Send in an absence note when your child returns to school.
– Send back your child’s cot sheet and blanket.

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Pre-K Newsletter Week of 6/5/17- Bayside

Posted on June 4, 2017

Newsletter 35 (June 5-9)

This week we started our Transformation unit by reading Little Tree by Loren Long. It was about a tree that changes from a little tree to a big tree. We discovered that transformation means that things can change to look differently.

In the Art Center, we mixed colors together in order to see what changes would occur. We discovered that by doing this, we can create new colors!

In the Science Center, we mixed some water with dry sand in order to observe the change with our eyes and fingers. The sand became squishy and we could create things better using the wet sand.

We also discussed what changes we see around us. The children described some of the changes as plants growing, people and animals growing, the weather changing, and the way people feel changing.

Next week, we will be exploring how objects can change.

Pre-K Newsletter Week of 5/29/17-Bayside

Posted on May 29, 2017

Newsletter 34 (May 29-June 2)

Last week we read and discussed the book When I was Little by Jamie Lee Curtis.  We considered many things we could not do as a baby that we can do now!   We also reviewed all the things we have learned about babies this month.

Together we talked about the Life Cycle. We discussed how people are first babies then toddlers, then children, adults, and elderly adults. We discussed various things that happen at each age such as walking and going to school. We also talked about how we grow when we are younger but eventually we stop growing and stay the same.

This week we will begin our final unit on Transformation by asking “What is transformation and how do things change around me?”

Pre-K Newsletter Week of 5/22/17-Bayside

Posted on May 21, 2017

Newsletter 33 (May 22-26)

This week, we read and discussed the book Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats. While reading the book the children learned about the habitats of each of the different animals in the story. We talked about some different things that our moms and dads ask us to do just like the animal moms in the story asked of their babies.

The children took a closer look at an animal of their choosing. The children learned and discussed new facts about their animal with their peers. They also looked at a picture of their animal and drew what they saw. Many children even included the animal’s habitat.

In the water table I have added some sand and some sea animals and sea shells for the children to explore. They really have enjoyed talking about the different sea life and learning new facts from some of their classmates.

Next week we will finish our Babies Unit by talking about how babies change!

Pre-K Newsletter Week of 5/15/17-Bayside

Posted on

Newsletter 32 (May 15-19)

This week, we read the book Stellaluna by Janell Canon. The book explored the differences and similarities among some baby animals when a baby animal got lost and became friends with other ones. The children described how they would feel if they got lost and what they would do.

Together we charted the different types of baby animals. We discussed specific names of baby animals such as kittens, puppies, and cubs.

The children continue to enjoy playing in the Dramatic Play Center with the play doctor tools. They also enjoy the different veterinarian items in the science center and taking care of sick baby animals.

In Art, we drew pictures of baby animals to present it to our friends during circle time. We learned that drawing can be done by using shapes. Such as ovals for a body shape or a circle for a head.

Next week, we will be continuing our study of the animal of our choosing.

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