Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 3/20

Posted on March 20, 2017

Special Announcements:

Happy Spring! Our bears that have been hibernating all winter will be waking up on Monday, March 20th. The children are excited to be reunited with their sleeping teddy bears!


This week, students experimented with the effect that temperature has on water. Students continued to explore water this week at the Sensory Table and Science Center.

At the Sensory Table, children continued to experiment with our new water table, using a water syphon, eye droppers, various buckets and funnels.

At the Science Center, we discussed how ice is made and the conditions required for ice and snow. We conducted an experiment to see which would work better to melt an ice cube, cold or warm water. The children made predictions and then had a race to see who could melt their ice cube the fastest using eye droppers! Students also used the eye droppers to spray water on blocks of ice with hidden dinosaur toys trapped inside. The children excitedly looked for ways to melt the ice the fastest to unlock these hidden treasures!

Next week we will explore the concepts of sink and float.


* Family-Teacher Conferences are Tuesday, March 21st. There will be an 11:30a.m. dismissal (an early lunch will be served.) Conferences will be from 1pm4pm and 5pm-8pm. Afterschool is available on this day.

*Our last Professional Development Day is Wednesday, March 29th. There will be no school for Pre-K only on this day.

Events and Birthdays:

3/20- First day of Spring!
3/21- Family-Teacher Conferences
3/24- Happy 5th Birthday, Lucas!

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 3/13

Posted on March 13, 2017

Special Announcements:

We are very excited to have Bakers and Shakers visit us on Monday, March 13th. We will be making a cookie from scratch shaped as our first name initial that we will then decorate!


This week we began our exploration of water! We started by creating a list of things we already know about water and were surprised to find that we already know so many interesting facts!

At the Science Center children experimented with water by counting how many drops of water can fit on the surface of a penny! We used our fine motor skills to carefully manipulate eye droppers and compared our observations.

In the Art Center children used coffee filters and markers to create a picture. Then, they lightly sprayed their pictures and observed how the water changed their work.

Our Sensory Center has been transformed into a water table for our new unit! Children will explore new concepts and learn to use new tools, including funnels, measuring cups, siphons, and tubes! This week we had a chance to see what happened when we put our paper boats in the water. We hope to continue adding tools and props to this center as we learn more about water!

Next week we will discover what happens to water when it changes temperature!


* Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Tuesday, March 21st. There will be an 11:30a.m. dismissal on that day, with an early lunch served. Conferences will be from 1pm-3pm and 5pm-8pm. A reminder email will be sent when Sign-Up Genius is available.

Events and Birthdays:

3/17 – Happy 5th Birthday Olivia!

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 3/6

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Special Announcements:
* Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Tuesday, March 21st. There will be an 11:30a.m. dismissal on that day, with an early lunch served. More details about signing up will follow as the date gets closer. * Our last Professional Development day of the school year will be on Wednesday, March 29th. There will be no school on this day for Pre-K only.


This week we focused on light and shadows! Our class learned that a shadow occurs when something blocks light from the sun or other light sources. We noticed that shadows are difficult to find at night, on cloudy days or inside when the lights are turned off. We concluded that we must have light to create shadows!

At the Peaceful Playground, children searched for shadows and observed how our shadows move in the same way and at the same time as we do. I asked each child to pose while a picture was taken of his or her shadow.

Shadows were also incorporated into our choice time play! At the Block Center, students created block structures and were then encouraged to shine a flashlight to create a shadow on the block center wall. In Dramatic Play, children made shadow puppets and acted out shows for friends.

Next week, we will explore a new unit on Water!


– On Monday, March 13th, Bakers and Shakers will be visiting us and letting us make a cookie from scratch shaped as our first name initial that we will then decorate! Please return the permission slip if you have not already done so. If you would like to chaperone this trip, indicate on the permission slip. Please keep in mind that you must submit proof of Virtus training prior to the date of the trip.

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Newsletter 2/20

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Special Announcements:

School will be closed 2/20-2/24 due to Mid-Winter Recess. Classes will resume on Monday, February 27th.

Have a wonderful break!


This week we focused on what is darkness in relation to light.

Pre-K learned about how the moon and stars are most visible at nighttime, even though they are always present in the sky. We had a discussion that although the moon looks like it is shining, it is actually the sun shining on the moon that we see.

The children learned about diurnal and nocturnal animals. Animals that are awake during the day are diurnal and animals that are awake during the night are nocturnal. In the Science Center, we practiced sorting animals into the two categories.

The children have been exploring both light and darkness at the Science Center using flashlights, colored lenses, and both clear and opaque objects. We also used a spectroscope and saw rainbows when looking at the light!

At the Art Center, children viewed the famous The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and responded to the art with their own versions of a starry night. We discussed what we noticed in the painting and how the artist chose to use curvy lines instead of straight lines.


*Continue to practice name writing over the break! Please remind your child that when writing his/her name, only the first letter of the name should have an uppercase letter, while the rest of the name should be written in lowercase letters.

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