Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 4/10

Posted on April 7, 2017

Special Announcements:

Pre-K is learning number recognition skills. To help us with the correct number formation, we learned a poem to help us remember how to write the number one. You can practice at home using this poem:

Straight line down
and then you’re done!
That’s the way
to make a one!


This week, we began our plant unit by discussing the different parts of plants. We created a list of things we already know about plants and were surprised to find that we already know so many interesting facts!

At the Science Center, we planted Lima Beans in Ziploc bags to observe how the seeds will grow. We created Science journals to record our observations as the seeds change.

In the Math Center, we measured to see if we were taller or shorter than a tree. The children took turns measuring each other to see how tall they were compared to the tree.

In the Art Center, we observed famous paintings of flowers, such as Sunflowers by Claude Monet. We then created our own paintings of flowers inspired by the artists. We also used tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make flowers. Next week we will transform the Dramatic Play Center into a flower shop to sell our beautiful flower arrangements!

Next week we will discuss where we can find plants and what plants need to grow.


*Spring break is April 13th -21st. We return to school on April 24th.

*Look out for information we will be sending home this month regarding our Gala event, “Planting with Pre-K”.

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 4/3

Posted on March 31, 2017

Special Announcements:

Pre-K meals (breakfast and lunch) are now being served family style! This means that food is placed in the center of each table and children are learning to use serving utensils to serve themselves each course. In addition to these self-care skills, children are learning to self-select healthy foods first, followed by snacks. You may choose to implement some “family style” meals at home to support our efforts at school!


This week, we completed our unit on water by discussing the many ways water helps living things survive.

At the Science Center, we observed colored water travel across paper towels through absorption. When the colors met in the middle, they mixed together to create a new color!

During our whole group time, children predicted what would happen to celery stalks placed in colored water. We also predicted how long it would take to observe a change in the celery, and continued to test our predictions throughout the week! We recorded our predictions and observations on a class chart during shared writing.

Next week we will begin a new unit of study on plants! We will be exploring the question “what are plants?”


* Spring Recess is coming up fast! School will be closed Thursday, April 13th through Friday, April 21st. We will re-open on Monday, April 24th!

*As the weather changes, please continue to practice dressing for outdoor play at home with your child. New Spring jackets also mean new zippers and snaps to figure out!

Events and Birthdays:

4/2: Happy 5th Birthday, Julia!
4/4: Happy 5th Birthday, Conor!
4/13-4/21: Spring Recess, No School!

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 3/27

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Special Announcements:

There will be no school for Pre-K on Wednesday, March 29th. This is our last Professional Development Day.


This week we learned what happens when we put things in water. We conducted a sink or float experiment at the Sensory Table. The children predicted whether the classroom objects will sink or float in water.

In the Science Center we discovered which materials can soak up or absorb water. The children used their fine motor skills to squeeze eye droppers filled with water on cotton balls, aluminum, paper towels, fabric, and a penny. The children recorded their observations on a chart.

We created bridges and tunnels using blocks and other materials in the Block Center. We looked at pictures of bridges and tunnels and discussed how they are helpful to get from one side of the water to the other.

Next week we will learn how water is important for all living things and how it helps us.


*Please continue to encourage your child to independently dress himself/herself. This includes clothing, as well as zippering jackets.

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 3/20

Posted on March 20, 2017

Special Announcements:

Happy Spring! Our bears that have been hibernating all winter will be waking up on Monday, March 20th. The children are excited to be reunited with their sleeping teddy bears!


This week, students experimented with the effect that temperature has on water. Students continued to explore water this week at the Sensory Table and Science Center.

At the Sensory Table, children continued to experiment with our new water table, using a water syphon, eye droppers, various buckets and funnels.

At the Science Center, we discussed how ice is made and the conditions required for ice and snow. We conducted an experiment to see which would work better to melt an ice cube, cold or warm water. The children made predictions and then had a race to see who could melt their ice cube the fastest using eye droppers! Students also used the eye droppers to spray water on blocks of ice with hidden dinosaur toys trapped inside. The children excitedly looked for ways to melt the ice the fastest to unlock these hidden treasures!

Next week we will explore the concepts of sink and float.


* Family-Teacher Conferences are Tuesday, March 21st. There will be an 11:30a.m. dismissal (an early lunch will be served.) Conferences will be from 1pm4pm and 5pm-8pm. Afterschool is available on this day.

*Our last Professional Development Day is Wednesday, March 29th. There will be no school for Pre-K only on this day.

Events and Birthdays:

3/20- First day of Spring!
3/21- Family-Teacher Conferences
3/24- Happy 5th Birthday, Lucas!

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