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Pre-K Resources?
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Reading together as a family every night is an important event in a young child’s life. It helps to build listening skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and pure enjoyment for reading. What a wonderful gift that you as a parent can give your child!


Scholastic book orders are given out monthly in your child’s folder. This allows your child to pick and order books that are of interest to them. By buying Scholastic books you are enabling your child the powerful to build up their literacy skills. Each book order grants bonus points for our classroom. This allows us to order free books or materials through Scholastic for the classroom in order to benefit your child’s education. When ordering a book order from, please use the code HRF22. This tells Scholastic that your order is for our class. Thank you in advance for any generous orders that will help our children and classroom grow!


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June Menu

Upcoming Events?images-1

May 5- Full Day of Pre-K

May 22- Pre-K Gala (2:20-4:00 pm)

May 29- No School: Memorial Day

June 2- Full day of Pre-K

June 5- Mad Science Field Trip

June 22- End of the Year Celebration at 10:30 am, dismissal at 11:30 am


For the month of?June, we will be focusing on the theme of Transformation. We will be exploring transformations around us and how we have transformed throughout the year as we get ready for Kindergarten.

Newsletter 37 (June 19-22) Bayside

Posted on June 16, 2017

Newsletter 37 (June 19-22)

Last week we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and then looked at similarities and differences with other caterpillar stories and information books.? We discussed new vocabulary including metamorphosis, cocoon and chrysalis.? We then created our own movement sentence to describe and dance showing how caterpillars can wiggle, spin a cocoon and then flutter as butterflies!

In the science center we went on a bug hunt using magnifiers to look carefully at how insects have 6 legs and 2 antennae.? We also created our own caterpillars, chrysalis and butterflies using mixed media in the art center.

This week we will be remembering all the amazing things we have
learned in Pre-K and focusing on Kindergarten transition activities and stories.

You can read books about Kindergarten together with your
child and have a discussion
on what to expect.? Please continue
to read over the summer!

Newsletter 36 (June 12-19) Bayside

Posted on June 9, 2017

Newsletter 36 (June 12-16)

This week we read Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback. The story talks about how Joseph starts out with an overcoat and changes it into a jacket, vest, etc. This led us into a conversation about how we can reuse materials. For example, we talked about how paper is recycled to make to new paper.

At the Art Center, the children had the opportunity to make their own recycled paper. They first ripped up scraps from the art center and old newspapers. Next, we added water to the ripped up paper. The children enjoyed feeling how squishy the paper became. Then, we put the wet paper in a blender until a pulp was formed. Lastly, laid it on a screen to get the extra water out and put it on felt to dry. We are still waiting for our new paper to dry!

At the water table, the children had fun making bubbles from water transformed into soapy water. They also transformed blocks into towers and legos into robots at the Manipulative and Block Centers.

Next week we will discuss what kinds of changes happen in nature. We will mostly be focusing on the way butterflies change and go through different stages.

If possible, take visit or walk past the school your child will be attending in the fall. Discuss with them what looks different or the same from Divine Wisdom.

Newsletter 35 (June 5-9) Bayside

Posted on June 2, 2017

Newsletter 35 (June 5-9)

This week we started our Transformation unit by reading Little Tree by Loren Long. It was about a tree that changes from a little tree to a big tree. We discovered that transformation means that things can change to look differently. In the Art Center, we mixed colors together in order to see what changes would occur. We discovered that by doing this, we can create new colors! In the Science Center, we mixed some water with dry sand in order to observe the change with our eyes and fingers. The sand became squishy and we could create things better using the wet sand. We also discussed what changes do we see around us. The children described some of the changes as plants growing, people growing, clouds changing shapes and color, and even that dinosaurs changed into fossils! Next week, we will be exploring how objects can change.

You can do a simple cooking activity at home with your child and discuss how foods change when you make snacks or meals (e.g. adding milk to cereal, cooking carrots, or making pasta or rice).

Newsletter 34 (May 29- June 2) Bayside

Posted on May 26, 2017

Newsletter 34 (May 29-June 2)

Last week we read and discussed the book When I was Little by Jamie Lee Curtis.  We considered many things we could not do as a baby that we can do now!   We also reviewed all the things we have learned about babies this month.

In the art center we made paper mache eggs for our investigation of birds from last week. We then added it to our nest and some are even hatching!

In math we measured how much we had grown since birth using tape on the wall, marking who was the tallest in the class.  We discussed how we grow a lot as a child but do not continue to grow as an adult or we would reach the clouds!

This week we will begin our final unit on Transformation by asking “What is transformation and how do things change around me?”

Please save and bring in old newspapers, magazines and/or pieces of paper for the class to use.  We are going to try making paper the following week.  Please also talk with your child about how we reuse and recycle objects.

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