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Spanish Resources

Teacher Tube
Spanish Story Books
Interactive Spanish Stories
colors -Los colores.pdf
Feelings – Moods(1).pdf
Calendar weather and feelings 1.pdf
– como es tu familia rap with questions and link 1-2017
– Unit 6 Pages 31-36

UPK 1, 2, 3
Web-Based Activities
Interactive Spanish Stories
Spanish Story Books
Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica Coloring Sheet.jpg
Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica Sheet Music.jpg

K-1 & K-2
PBS – Curious George | learning games | Stories | Juegos Interactivos
– PERRY EL PINGÜINO 12-2016: K-2 5-12-2016.key | K-2 5-12-2016 pdf.pdf

First Grade
Google Classroom 1-1
Google Classroom 1-2
– En Mi Mochila: First Grade.pdf | spanish_in_my_school_bag | Worksheets
– Review: UNIT 1 2-5.pdf

Second Grade Page
Google Classroom 2-1
Google Classroom 2-2
Food_worksheets 2nd grade | COMIDA turn and talk | me-gusta-no-me-gusta-worksheet
FunctionalVocabularyFOOD | Story 1 Marta y el chocolate | Story 2 | Story9Elboligrafo-schoolsupplies
– Review: UNIT 1 2-5.pdf

Third Grade Page
Google Classroom 3-1
Google Classroom 3-2
going to plus free time.pdf | ir-present-crossword
– Review: UNIT 1 2-5.pdf | IR + A Practice

Fourth Grade
Google Classroom 4-1
Google Classroom 4-2
going to plus free time.pdf | irlugarescomact
Actividades del tiempo libre | SimpleFutureIrAInfinitiveReview
IR + A Practice

Fifth Grade
Google Classroom 5-1
Google Classroom 5-2
Story 1 Marta y el chocolate | Story 2 | Story9Elboligrafo-schoolsupplies
IR + A Practice
– This is a graphic organizer for the students to lay out a story we are creating. The illustrations should have been completed and we are in process of writing the story: Quehaceres storyboard.pdf
POSTSpanishsimplefuturetense.pdf | NOTESSimpleFutureIrAInfinitiveReview.pdf

New Years Note from Spanish Class

Posted on January 4, 2017

January 4, 2017

Dear Academy Families, 

Happy 2017!!  May I begin with expressing my delight in being blessed with the opportunity to be your children’s Spanish teacher.  All the children have made amazing strides in their foreign language development since September and I must admit that there is no greater pleasure than being greeted in Spanish in the halls, or be able to communicate with your children in Spanish throughout the day.  

As we venture into the second trimester I would like to bring a useful online tool to your attention, its called Quizlet.  It is an online teaching resource I have been using in class with the children since the beginning of the academic year.  The website is interactive and allows students many opportunities to practice the content we have been working on in class as well as give them reading, listening and writing exercises that will help reinforce vocabulary and grammar use and facilitate recall.  Homework and some tests will be assigned to the students through Quizlet as well.  

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you all to sign up on the site and to join the class page.  The link that will take you directly to the Divine Wisdom page I use is as follows:  I suggest that you join the page in your child’s name but use your personal email address when you create an account.  If the account is set up in this manner, as new content gets added to our Divine Wisdom class page you will receive direct notifications via email.  Once students have signed up on Quizlet, it will be their responsibility to work through all sections of the webpage (Flashcards, Learn, Spell, Match, Gravity).  Once the children have mastered the content, I will ask them to use the online “test” tab to assess them in class. These assessments will be announced well in advance.   The website also offers a “Live” platform.  This is a new addition to the website and it will afford me the ability  to create group activities in class using school IPads.  

When assigning homework I ask the students to practice on Quizlet, and will continue to do so, I have asked homeroom teachers to make sure that these requests are put in their agenda, and as of this writing, I have begun posting the assignments to my live feed.  As their content knowledge begins to grow and their ability to manipulate the language becomes a bit more effortless, I will begin projects like creating stories, and dioramas, as well as posters.   All of these assignments will be posted online as well as written in the student’s planner.  Please check for any and all assignments both online as well as in the planner.  I do believe that this will make the home classroom connection stronger and will also afford you the chance to be involved in supporting and following the progress we make in Spanish class.   

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  

Audra Ridikas

Pre-K – 5 Spanish Teacher

Douglaston Campus 

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