4-2/Di Marcello Newsletter Week of 11/4

In Mathematics students continue to multiply two digits by two digit numbers using algorithm, partial product, and area model. Students continue to read and interpret two and three step word problems involving multiplication.

In English Language Arts, students continue to read and analyze the events in the novel, “Because of Winn Dixie” by making claims and supporting those claims with specific textual evidence.

In Science, students are wrapping up the function and parts of a flower. The Science assessment has been changed to next Thursday.

In Social Studies, students are researching and reading about the Algonquian way of life and culture by taking notes, using articles, and internet sources.

In Religion, students discussed that we are called to value and respect all people. As children of God it is important to remember that every person is created in God’s image. Students discussed that we should always think about the words we choose to live by and say.


Have a great weekend!