4-2/DiMarcello Newsletter of the Week: September 8th

           In Balanced Literacy, students are reading a humorous text by Ken Derby entitled, “How to Ruin the First Day of School.” Students are making predictions about the text, recording details by analyzing the character’s behavior, and making inferences using evidence from the text.

          In Writing, students identified the parts of a friendly letter and composed a letter to a favorite author discussing how technology has changed from 2004 to the present. Students are brainstorming strategies to organize their thoughts by creating details, and using vivid vocabulary and adjectives.

         In Science/Social Studies, students are learning to explain the parts of the scientific method by reading and categorizing specific examples related to the Scientific Method. In addition, students are beginning to discuss the geography of New York and identify the regions in the United States.

          In Mathematics, students have an opportunity to make sense of quantities by representing numbers using place values and finding the relationship between the places.

          In Religion, students discussed that the Incarnation is the truth that the Son of God became man. Please remember it is important to attend weekly mass on Sunday.

Important Tips: Parents:

  1. Reading success is based on 5 factors: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Encourage kids to read anything—even if it isn’t a book. Magazines, or websites can engage children, and shows them that computers and iPads aren’t just for games.
  3. Know your options as a parent. Know your child’s reading level and use strategies at home that are used in the classroom.
  4. Within reason, never say no to your young reader. If your child is excited about reading about volcanoes, for example, don’t push him or her to read something else.
  5. Motivate by making connections to real-world outcomes so children realize reading is more than just a grade.
  6. Focus on what your child CAN do. Build on his/her strengths.
  7. Keep it positive. Reading is not a chore!