4-2/Newsletter/DiMarcello Week of May 13th

This week students finished two practice tests for the New York State Science Test. Then students participated in the 2018 practice test. After, students completed Part II of the Practice Test using the stations in Stem class. (Ball/Ramp, Scale, and Magnet Activity) This week students will be coming home with practice questions and review sheets to review.

Additional Support: Attached you will find a 25 page booklet that you can print to use at home to review. Science State Test Prep Review Cards

In Social studies, students are continuing reading about The Revolutionary War. Students are researching information using their chrome books to compile a biography about a famous person of the American Revolution. After, students will be creating a PowerPoint in Computer Class and will continue to work on this in the next weeks.

In Mathematics, students are adding and subtracting decimals to the nearest tenths and hundredths.

In English Language Arts, students are continuing with the novel, Out of My Mind. Students wrote comparisons and made connections to how Melody’s computer changed her life, her outlook, and her potential.

Next week begins Spirit week.

Check your child’s HOME folder and Option C for details.

Have a good weekend.