Mrs. Carrella’s Class-ELA & Social Studies



  • Scholastic Book Code –PB8KZ-All book orders are due by Friday, October 29, 2021


  • For ELA class all students must have an independent reading book. Students are required to read a minimum of 45 minutes per day, including weekends.  Reading Logs will be checked every Monday and must be signed by a parent/guardian each day.
  • All materials and homework assignments/projects  can be found by subject in Google Classroom  (ELA 5-1 and ELA 5-2, SS 5-1 & SS 5-2 and Religion 5-1). 
  • In Google Classroom- homework is posted in the Google Stream, weekly packets and assignments are posted in materials. 
  • Students need a two pocket folder (any color) to be used as a home/school folder. Organizational skills are reviewed each day and are an important learning goal for all 5th grade students.
  • Chromebooks must returned to school each day fully charged. Students will not permitted to charged chromebooks during the day.
  • No student is permitted to use the remote Zoom Link unless cleared by the DWCA office. The Zoom Link can be found in the material section of Google Classroom.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. 😊