Mrs. Carrella’s Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 25, 2021

Dear  Parents/Guardians,

Please note the following important information for this week:

ELA Class-This week our class will continue the novel study of Esperanza Rising with a focus on the main theme of how, despite set backs, people can overcome anything. This is expressed in Esperanza’s “rising,” or overcoming her tragic circumstances. The class will discuss the idea that although the novel is  a work of fiction, the characters in Esperanza Rising move around in a world shaped by real historical events: the Mexican Revolution, the migration of Mexican and American workers to California in search of work, and the Great Depression,

Activities  will include vocabulary study, writing using the R.A.C.E. strategy, analyzing passages and chapters and comprehension activities. All lessons will end with an formal or  informal assessment to determine if each student has achieved the targeted learning  goals.

Social Studies-This week the class will continue a detailed focus on Mexico, which connects with information learned throughout the setting of Esperanza Rising. Students will be assessed formally and informally to determine if they have achieved the targeted goals.

Religion-Chapter 1 Religion Test on Monday, October 25. The test material will be reviewed in class and focuses on how Jesus shows us God’s love and forgiveness, and  invites people to follow him. We will focus on  the meaning  of the chapter related vocabulary.

Please note:

All tests must be signed and corrections must be made Students may have an opportunity to do extra credit work in both ELA and Social Studies.

All materials and homework assignments/projects  can be found by subject in Google Classroom  (ELA 5-1 and ELA 5-2, SS 5-1 & SS 5-2 and Religion 5-1). 

In Google Classroom- homework is posted in the Google Stream, weekly packets and assignments are posted in materials. Please check your child’s planner and homework each night.

We are looking forward to an exciting week of  learning new ideas and concepts!!