Grade 4-1 Newsletters

September 22, 2019

Good Evening Parents of Class 4-1,

***Please remember the last day for trip money will be Monday September 23, 2019. Thank you for your cooperation.***

     ELA-  The children will be learning to write their own personal narrative this month.  We will be working on this writing assignment step by step.  The work will be done in their writing notebook.  Notes and graphic organizers will be distributed, and the class will learn how to use them proficiently.  We will continue to read the Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of School by Ken Derby.

     Grammar- The children have started working on common and proper nouns.  We will also begin to study the subject and predicate of a sentence.

     Math-  We continue to work on the place value unit. We are working with numbers into the millions.   The class has been comparing numbers using greater or less than. 

     Social Studies- The children will finish up map skills, and we will begin to discover the State of New York.

     Religion-  We will review chapter 1 and get ready for a quiz this week.

     Science-  Our class will finish reviewing The Scientific Method and begin to learn about living things which will include plant and animal cells.