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artist-43054-3593-imagesWelcome to Mrs. Filiberti’s Art Class!

Each class, from grade K-8,  meets once a week in the art room.   The curriculum varies depending on the grade level. 

Younger students develop motor skills through the manipulation of materials.  They learn basic art concepts and are able to create artwork that expresses ideas, feelings or seasonal events.  The students explore shapes and textures and create art inspired by stories and themes.

In the middle and upper grades, the students will be able to create the illusion of depth using overlapping, size variation, placement, foreground, middle ground and background.  They will learn to draw in one and two point perspective.  They will identify positive and negative space, patterns, symmetry and use greater detail in their work.

Students in all grades learn about different artists and their artistic styles.  The students create their own artwork based on the artist’s style.

Lessons and topics integrate with the regular classroom curriculum whenever possible.

All students participate in a collaborative class piece of artwork that is auctioned at our annual Gala fundraising event.

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