Weekly Letter March 9th

Reading & Writing

This week we will continue with our new unit on Geography! The first week students will be learning about their place on a map. Throughout the month we will focus on our neighborhood, town, state, country, and continent. Students are also reading Dr. Seuss books and completing lots of fun crafts. You will see all our work at conferences next week. I am still in the process of assessing reading levels. Students have made so much progress since September. I am so proud! 

Phonics & Spelling

 The phonics skill for this week will focus on the “ow” and “oa” sounds. When figuring out whether a word has “oa” or “ow” you can listen to the word and see if you hear the long o in the middle or at the end. If you hear it in the middle you use “oa”, if you hear the long o at the end you use “ow”.


This week students will continue with chapter 8. We will continue to show groups of tens using connecting cubes. Students will understand that 10 ones creates 1 ten and each two digit number consists of tens and ones. Students will also practice grouping objects together to see how many tens and ones there are. Please continue to practice counting on by tens and ones with your child.

Announcements & Reminders

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, March 19th. Keep an eye out for an email about signing up!
  • Friday is a Dress Down Day

Weekly Letter March 2nd

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We have a busy week as usual in class 1-2. Please continue to read on to see what we will be learning this week…

Reading & Writing: This week we will begin our new unit, Geography. We will focus on our town, city, state, country, and continent. During the month of March, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss and Women’s History Month. I will continue assessing reading levels this week. Once your child is assessed, you can see their new level by looking in their book baggies.

Phonics: This week our phonics pattern focuses on the long e sound. The long e sound can be ea or ee. Our words this week follow the ea pattern. Please continue to practice spelling words each night. There will be a spelling test on Friday!

Math: We will have a chapter test on Wednesday. Study Guides went home on Thursday. Please have your child practice counting forward by tens and ones.

Religion: There will be a chapter 17 religion test on Thursday. Books will come home tomorrow. Please focus on the following topics: What happens at the sacrament of Baptism? What is Grace? What are the symbols of Baptism? What does water, a lighted candle, and a white garment remind us of?

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Friday is a half Day
  • Volume 1 of our math classwork books will come home at some point this week. They are coming home because we finished with all the chapters. Please keep these books at home. We will be getting our volume 2 books in class very soon.
  • Scholastic Orders due March 15th

Weekly Letter February 24th

I hope you all had a nice relaxing break! It is always difficult to come back after a week off, but the students told me all of the wonderful things they did while they were not in school. It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! J This week we are busy as usual. Please read to find out some of the topics we will be covering!

Reading & Writing: This week we will be finishing our unit on important American Citizens! We are going to learn all about Ruby Bridges and how she was a brave little girl!

I will be assessing your Childs reading level this week and next week. I hope to have these completed by the end of next week. You will be notified of their new level a.s.a.p.

Phonics & Spelling: The phonics skill for this week will focus on the “ay” and “ai”  long a sounds. When figuring out whether a word has “ay” or “ai” you can listen to the word and see if you hear the long a in the middle or at the end. If you hear it in the middle you use “ai”, if you hear the long a at the end you use “ay”. For example, play & rain

Math: In math we will be finishing with chapter 7. We will continue counting on by ones and tens using a hundred chart. Students will be introduced to grouping objects by ones and tens. For example, if I have 53 buttons, I can circle 5 groups of tens and then add three more. Students will complete a study guide on Friday. We will have a chapter assessment on March 4th. Please be aware that we are skipping lesson 7.5 this chapter. DO NOT have your child complete this homework. Look at the homework sheet to see what pages need to be done each night.

Religion: We are beginning to learn about the seven sacraments. The first sacrament we will be learning is Baptism. Please send in, no more than 2 pictures of your child’s baptism! Pictures Due on Wednesday, 2/26.

Announcements & Reminders

  • Scholastic Orders Due March 1st
  • Progress Reports need to be signed and returned ASAP.

Weekly Letter February 10th

I hope you all had a great weekend and had a chance to relax! Please read about what we will be learning in class 1-2 this week…

Reading & Writing

This week students will be learning all about Abraham Lincoln. We will be reading stories and watching informational videos about how he was an important leader for our country. On Thursday, students will be celebrating the 100th day, by doing various reading and writing activities. I can’t wait to see everyone dressed as a 100-year-old!

I am impressed with how well students are doing with their reader’s responses. Please keep in mind that students should be doing the responses on their own. Also, students should be using books on their level for the reader’s notebook. If you are unsure what level your child should be reading, please ask me! J A great App that you can use to check the reading level of a book is called: Scholastic Book Wizard – You are able to scan the barcode of a book or enter a title to find its level. You need to look under GRL (Guided Reading Level) and most books will have a letter. You can also use scholastic book wizard online.


This week students will learn about comparative endings like –er and –est. We will practice using our spelling words appropriately in sentences. We use (er) when we are comparing 2 people, places, animals, or things. We use (est) to compare 3 or more things.


In math we will be starting chapter 7, “extend and counting sequence”. Students will begin to understand how to count by tens and ones up to 120. Students will also understand the idea of place value and use place value to identify how many tens or ones make up a number.

Announcements & Reminders:

On Thursday, it is the 100th day of school! Please remember to dress your child like a 100-year-old! If your child does not want to dress up, they can wear regular uniform!

On Friday, we will be having a small treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you would like to send in Valentines to share with the class, please make sure you have enough for all. Please only write who the valentine is from not specific names. Thank You! We have 17 children in class 1-2.

Friday is a student council dress down day!

Scholastic Orders Due by 2/15

Weekly Letter February 3rd

As the winter weather continues, please label all of your child’s belongings. It can be hard to find the appropriate owners at the end of the day when there is no name. Thank You!

Reading & Writing

In class this week students will be starting to learn about our famous presidents, like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We will create illustrations of them, read books about them, and compare and contrast these two presidents.

In writer’s workshop students will continue to work on responding to literature. While they read from their book baggies students are given a question to think about and then write complete sentences for. On Thursday this week, students will bring home their reader’s response notebooks to complete a response for homework. These books must be returned the following day. Please read a letter that will come home on Tuesday about these responses!

Reader responses will be an assignment every Thursday night. If completing this assignment on Thursdays is difficult for your child, please let me know and we can arrange an alternate night. I understand that schedules are busy, so I am willing to work something out.

Phonics & Spelling

This week we will be continuing with bossy r words. The words this week have the vowels A and O with the r controlled vowel.


This week we will finish chapter 6. Study guides will be completed and sent home on Tuesday. We will review tally charts and picture graphs. A test will be given on Thursday.

Announcements & Reminders:

  • On Friday, February 14th, our class will have a small Valentine’s Day Celebration. On this day students will be given a chance to hand out valentines to their classmates. PLEASE- make sure if you do send in valentines, make sure there is enough for every student! We have 17 students in our class.
  • Scholastic orders due on February 15th

Weekly Letter January 27th

This week is Catholic Schools Week, a special week that is celebrated across the diocese in all schools. Mrs. Bonici sent out information about activities and events that will take place each day, so please refer to her email if you have any questions!

Reading & Writing

This week students will continue to explore space while taking a deeper look into the constellations that we may see! Constellations are groups of stars seen together that form a pattern. These constellations that we see in the sky form pictures that many people have names for! Students will look at the various constellations such as the most popular one called the big dipper. Constellations typically have an explanation by ancient people.

With our classroom activity, students will create their very own constellation and write a story about how their constellation came to be! In writer’s workshop students will continue to work on responding to literature. While they read from their book baggies students are given a question to think about and then write complete sentences for. Readers Responses will become a homework assignment starting in February. A separate notice will come home this week explaining the process.


This week we will be focusing on bossy r words. The spelling list looks at certain er, ir, and ur words. In class we will be watching videos and playing various games to master the skill of r-controlled words. These words need to be memorized as they have the same sounds whether the letters used are: er, ir, or ur.  Please practice words for our formal assessment on Friday!


This week the students will begin chapter 6, which focuses on representing and interpreting data. Students will be able to understand keys words such as: tally marks, data, tally chart, survey, and picture graph. This will be an interactive chapter as students will be able to gather information for some fun questions, such as, class 1-2’s favorite color, afterschool activity, favorite instrument, or snack.

Announcements & Reminders

– Religion Chapter 15 test on Tuesday. Books went home on Friday. Key words to review were mentioned in last week’s weekly letter.

-FULL day on Friday

-Scholastic Book Orders Due Friday

Weekly Letter January 21st

I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend. This week will be filled with fun and exciting activities for students. Please read about what we will be learning in first grade. 

Reading and Writing

At the end of last week students finished their learning about the sun. Students created their own sun labeled with various important facts! Did you know?…

  • The suns temperature is close to 10,000 degrees and the core is approx. 27 million degrees!
  • The sun gives us light and heat
  • The sun is made up of hydrogen and helium gases
  • The sun is 4.5 billion years old.

Ask your child about some of the other sun facts that we have learned by watching videos and reading informational text.

This week we will learn all about the moon! Students will be making moon books, keeping a moon log, and use paint to create their very own phase of the moon! We will be learning about the phases of the moon and how we can predict what moon phase will happen each night because of a pattern! This unit helps us to look at the patterns of the sun, moon and stars. Students are really becoming quite the scientists. While reading informational books students will learn all sorts of new information! I am sure they are going to come home and tell you all about the moon!


This week we will be focusing on past tense –ed ending. Ed can make various different sounds. For example, “ed” can say “t” such as: watched and liked. “Ed” can also make a “d” sound like the words: smelled and spelled. “Ed” can make an “ed” sound such as wanted and painted.


This week we will be finishing chapter 5. We will complete a study guide on Tuesday and our test will be on Friday. Please continue to have your child practice their math facts each night. Every day students take a fast fact quiz and try their best to solve multiple problems in approx. 4/5 minutes. Hopefully, over the next few weeks students will become more confident with their facts. The lessons in our math book can be very frustrating for students if they do not know their facts with fluency. We should gradually get away from using our fingers or drawing circles to solve.  


This week we will be finishing chapter 15. Students will be review our key words: parish, pastor, and worship. Books will go home on Friday. We will have a chapter test on Tuesday, 1/28. Please review the keys words as well as some things that your parish does together.

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Dress Down Day: Friday, January 24th
  • Catholic Schools Week starts on Sunday J
  • Religion Test on Tuesday, 1/28
  • Scholastic Orders: Due by Friday, January 31st


Weekly Letter January 13th

Our class will kick off the new year with a great start as we discuss some important facts about our new unit; SPACE! The students are eager to learn all there is to know about the sun, moon, and stars. It will be a great way to ease back into school after the long break. Below are the topics and skills being covered this week.

Reading & Writing

In reading workshop, students will begin reading informational texts on the SUN! This week we will focus on the topics of sunset and sunrise. Where does the sunset? And where does the sunrise? Think about your house to make a personal connection! Students will also look further into earth’s rotation. We will be covering a lot this week 

Now that the students have experience responding to literature during guided reading, the students will begin a Reader’s Response Journal both in class and at home. This week in Writing Workshop, the students will practice responding to literature and this will be the focus over the next two weeks. Once the students are comfortable with this, they will respond to literature based on the book they read at home for homework once a week in their Reader’s Response Journal. More information about this will be sent home in a separate correspondence.

Phonics & Spelling

This week students will be focusing on adding endings to words to make them plural. Students will learn they have to add –s or –es depending on what the word ends with. For example, if a word ends in sh, ch, ss, x, or z students must add an –es to make the word plural. During our word work center this week students will be practicing this skill using word cards. It will become easier with more practice.


This week students will learn how to add three numbers. Our skill this week has students find the sum of 2 numbers first and then use that number to add the last addend. For example, 2+8+3. I can circle 8 and 2 to get a sum of 10 and then add 10 + 3= 13. Or I can add 3+2 first to get a sum of 5, and then know that 5+8=13. This week I will start giving timed fact quizzes. You will receive results by the end of the week. 


We will be starting Chapter 15 We Belong to a Parish. In this chapter the students will learn that a parish is like a family and we can work together with our parish family to help others.

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Please continue to initial your child’s behavior calendar each night
  • Talent Show Permission Slip Due Wednesday. Practice is on Thursday from 3-4
  • Hot Chocolate Sale during lunch on Thursday ($1.00)
  • There is no school on Friday, January 17th or Monday, January 20th for a professional development day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Scholastic book orders are due by January 15th. You can either purchase online or send in a form to school. Our class activation code can be found on our class webpage.

Weekly Letter January 6th

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year! Many thanks again for all the wonderful Christmas gifts and kind Christmas wishes; it is all greatly appreciated and I am so lucky to be blessed with a class filled with wonderful families!

Reading & Writing

During Readers Workshop, students will have a chance to review some of the skills we’ve learned from September to December. During writer’s workshop, students will be engaged in various activities focused on the themes of winter and New Year’s resolutions! 


The phonics skill this week will focus on the nk and ng ending blends. Blends are two or three letters that together make one sound! The students are doing a great job identifying words that follow the different blend patterns throughout everyday reading and writing activities. Often times when we are creating a chart together, the students will scream out, “that’s a blend” with true enthusiasm. 


This week students will begin with Chapter 5. This chapter will have students practice their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts. Students will need to find the missing numbers in equations, determine if an equation is true or false, and practice making questions true. Beginning this month, students will be quizzed on basic addition facts. Please practice facts at home.  

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Please send in a new box of crayons for your child by Monday, January 13th. No more than a 24 count! J Thanks
  • Scholastic book orders due by January 15th
  • No School- Friday, January 17th & Monday, January 20th

Weekly Letter December 2nd

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and long weekend. Things are busy in class 1-2 and we are so excited that it is finally December! Where did the time go?! Below are the topics being covered this week.

Reading & Writing: This week students will be engaging in various writing activities. We will be using our imagination and writing about reindeer. Students will be writing opinion pieces about whether they think a reindeer would be a good pet. Students will be able to state their opinion and provide reasons to support their opinion. We will also be focusing on how we can light up the world with kindness. You will see some of our writing at conferences!

Phonics & Vocabulary: This week our spelling and sight words will focus on the long vowel E sound! Please continue to practice your words each night! We will have a spelling test on Friday.

Math: This week, the students will continue with chapter 4. We are learning how to use our knowledge of addition and subtraction facts to complete a fact family. Today students used a “part + part = whole” model to help them solve various facts. Later in the week students will use strategies learned thus far to help them solve word problems.

Religion: The class discussions this week will focus on Advent. We will be coloring our own Advent wreath and learning about we can prepare ourselves for this special season. We continue to prepare for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas! The students will engage in many activities to ensure understanding of this special time of year.

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: Thursday, December 5th. There is a noon dismissal on this day! Please make every effort to be on time for conferences 
  • Half Day on Friday!
  • Christmas Show – The Christmas Show is Thursday, December 19th at 7 PM at St. Francis Prep High School. Tickets are on sale now. Please keep in mind tickets will NOT be sold at the door. You should be receiving a notice in the green folder about how to purchase tickets.