4-2/Newsletter Week of 10/7 Mrs. DiMarcello

Grade 4 started reading a wonderful novel by Kate DiCamillo, “Because of Winn- Dixie.” This month, students will begin to make claims in a fictional text and support those claims with specific textual evidence. This week, students identified the use of personification by jotting down on a sticky note some of the things Opal said about Winn-Dixie to describe him and his actions. Students discussed how good readers demonstrate understanding of characters (their traits, how & why they change), and see how readers respond to the text in writing, by using evidence from the text to support thinking.

In Science/Stem, students continue to discuss the differences between living and nonliving things by observing objects and categorizing the items using a graphic organizing, labeling living and nonliving things.

In Social Studies, students are discussing the attributes of the Algonquian tribe by making comparisons between the Mahicans and the Mohegan.

In Mathematics, students wrapped up unit two by using strategies to solve two-step addition and subtraction word problems. When students read a problem, they must pull out key words to determine what the problem is asking them to do which will help them determine how to solve the problem.

Students will be taking the Terra-Nova test next week. Make sure your child eats a good breakfast and gets a good night sleep each night. On Wednesday and Thursday, students took a practiced test to become familiar with the type of questions.

In Religion, students discussed the parts of the Rosary and its significance.

The school has started on-going discussions about bullying and how we can always be act kind to one another. Our class will focus on Acts of Kindness this week by discussing things we have done and things we can do to be kind. Students discussed that we should always be kind and loving as Jesus taught us to do.

Have a terrific three day weekend!

Newsletter 4-2/DiMarcello Week of 10/1

In Science, students continued observing and comparing the differences between an animal and plant cell. Students annotated an article entitled, “Plant and Animal Cells” by using key symbols to mark important information.

In Social Studies, students continued discussing the regions and physical features of New York. As a performance task, students wrote a

In Religion, students started to discuss the Beatitudes by reading examples of each Beatitude and discussed that Jesus wanted the disciples to live the way he lived. Our class joined Grade 1 for a combined lesson discussing how we can be good disciples of Jesus and learn how to trust him.

In Mathematics, students wrapped up the unit by using bar models to solve addition and subtraction word problems. When students read a problem, they must pull out key words to determine what the problem is asking them to do which will help them determine how to solve the problem. It is important to continue to review the multiplication tables every night.

In English Language Arts, students are reading articles by learning the skills how to annotate and record details. This week students worked on using a persuasive article and observed the foundation in this writing. Students recorded ideas on graphic organizers, used transition words, by building a conclusion to write a persuasive piece independently.

4-2 Newsletter Mrs. DiMarcello/ Week of September 23rd

In Science/Stem, students discussed the difference between living and nonliving things by observing objects and categorizing the items into a graphic organizing, labeling living and nonliving things.

In Social Studies, students reviewed the five themes of geography and analyzed the difference between a physical and political map. Students read and discussed where in the world New York is by reading about New York’s characteristics and regions.

In English Language Arts, students have finished the text by Ken Derby by analyzing character traits and drawing conclusion using details from the text organizing their ideas. Students worked on their final performance task by writing a humorous narrative, incorporating vocabulary words from the unit of study, identifying character traits, and using transitions words with graphic organizers and resources to describe how he/she might ruin the first day of school.

In Mathematics, students added and estimated whole numbers to find sums using the standard algorithm. Students also solved word problems and applied what they know about estimation, addition, and place value.


Class Photo: Monday, September 30th

Individual Phots: October 1st

Newsletter/Week of September 16th Mrs. DiMarcello Grade 4-2

In Mathematics students continued to review place value. This week students compared and order numbers by using a place value chart and a number line for visual support. Students rounded numbers and solved for word problems by using the following strategies:

Word Problems: Underline what you were asked to find. Circle the information you will use.

Rounding: Look at the digit.

If the digit to the right is less than 5, the digit in the number place stays the same.

If the digit to the right is 5 or greater, the digit in the round place increases by one.

Write zeros for the digits to the right of the rounding place.

In Religion students discussed how the disciples of Jesus demonstrated commitment by loving and serving Jesus. This week our classroom discussion focused on respect and the importance of kindness. The focus of my lecture this week was based of three words: image, show, and follow. Students discussed how our image is a huge part of who we are and how we act. It is the image we want to show and convey to others in a positive way. Part of this process is who we follow, the decisions we make, and the examples of Jesus we use to better ourselves.

In English Language Arts, students continue with Ken Derby’s novel by analyzing character traits and drawing conclusion using details from the text organizing their ideas.

In Science/Stem students continued to identify and explain the Scientific Method by testing different paper towels and its durability by using the Scientific Method and recording their observations.

In Social Studies students discussed the importance of maps by identifying key terms and analyzing different kinds of maps such as a political and physical map.

Important Reminder:

It is important for students get into the habit of writing a FULL heading on their loose- leaf paper.

Dates and topics must be written in their notebooks at all times A personal reading book should be in his/her desk at all times.

HOMEWORK GRADING: Students will lose points on missing or incomplete homework assignments. Homework must be completed with EFFORT, legible, and neatness!

BINDER/NOTEBOOK CHECK: Periodically binders/notebooks will be collected and graded. I am checking for organization and neatness

4-2/DiMarcello Newsletter of the Week: September 8th

           In Balanced Literacy, students are reading a humorous text by Ken Derby entitled, “How to Ruin the First Day of School.” Students are making predictions about the text, recording details by analyzing the character’s behavior, and making inferences using evidence from the text.

          In Writing, students identified the parts of a friendly letter and composed a letter to a favorite author discussing how technology has changed from 2004 to the present. Students are brainstorming strategies to organize their thoughts by creating details, and using vivid vocabulary and adjectives.

         In Science/Social Studies, students are learning to explain the parts of the scientific method by reading and categorizing specific examples related to the Scientific Method. In addition, students are beginning to discuss the geography of New York and identify the regions in the United States.

          In Mathematics, students have an opportunity to make sense of quantities by representing numbers using place values and finding the relationship between the places.

          In Religion, students discussed that the Incarnation is the truth that the Son of God became man. Please remember it is important to attend weekly mass on Sunday.

Important Tips: Parents:

  1. Reading success is based on 5 factors: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Encourage kids to read anything—even if it isn’t a book. Magazines, or websites can engage children, and shows them that computers and iPads aren’t just for games.
  3. Know your options as a parent. Know your child’s reading level and use strategies at home that are used in the classroom.
  4. Within reason, never say no to your young reader. If your child is excited about reading about volcanoes, for example, don’t push him or her to read something else.
  5. Motivate by making connections to real-world outcomes so children realize reading is more than just a grade.
  6. Focus on what your child CAN do. Build on his/her strengths.
  7. Keep it positive. Reading is not a chore!

4-2/Newsletter Mrs. DiMarcello Week of 9/4

It was an exciting first week of school. The students have begun to adjust to classroom routines and have discussed classroom rules. Through a classroom tour, students got an opportunity to become familiar with our classroom and resources.  Students set up their desks, storage areas, and supplies. 

 We will continue to have daily discussions on respect and kindness. The class has established a “STAR” chart, Class Dojo, and other incentives to keep them on track as well as consequences to learn responsibilities in the process for caring for their work.

Students were given labels with descriptions to paste on their notebooks, folders, and Math Homework workbook to make it easier to differ to when using. More information will be discussed on Wednesday night.

  This week students took pre-Math assessments and started working on the writing process in establishing vivid sentences. Students also started their first novel in class, “The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School” by Ken Derby. A humorous text to get the students motivated introducing them how to cite evidence from the text and make inferences.

                    Looking forward meeting you on “Meet the Teacher Night on September 11th.


Have a GREAT weekend.