8 HW ELA 1/11/19

8-2 and 8-1

Rewrite the paragraph – switch out whatever applies to Joe Pepitone for things that apply to Lil and her sickness.

ELA HW: 11/29/18

Read reading the chapter “The Yellow Shank.” Add to the Audubon bird packet for The Black-Backed Gull and for The Yellow Shank. Finish the worksheet with information about Mr. Ballard.

ELA 8th Reminders

1.) Quiz Monday – vocab, plot diagram, Ch1 & 2 of Okay for Now (there will also be a question on comma splices – look at the do now with the comma)
2.) 11/16 Exit Question due tomorrow and finish chapter 3 for tomorrow
3.) If you need to show me a signed essay, please do so tomorrow.
*I will be checking annotations Tuesday for Ch 1 – 3)