Newsletter (December 6)

Weekly Letter 12.6

This week we started our new unit on Where We Live. We read the book The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater. The children discussed their own dream homes inspired by the read aloud during  a turn and talk with their peers. They were then invited to the Art Center to create their dream homes using art and recycled materials.  

During our whole group meeting we discussed the kinds of homes the children in our class live in, including single family houses, multi-family houses, and apartment buildings.

This week we transformed our Sensory Center into a sand table! Children explored this new material while building sand castles!

At the Block Center, children are exploring different kinds homes and practicing new vocabulary, such as building, apartment, tall, long, and short.

Next week we will continue to explore the kinds of homes people in our neighborhoods and in our city live in, as well as how homes are designed and built.

Family Enagement 12.6

Newsletter (November 29)

Weekly Letter 11.29

This week we read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. and discussed how the wind helps leaf man to be transformed into different types of shapes (fish, birds, and so on). We then discussed how in the season of Fall the wind does blow more often and the leaves change color and fall off of the trees.

In the Art Center the children had an opportunity to make pictures of themselves doing something they like to do in the fall.

In the Math Center we sorted leaves by shapes, color, or size.

In the Science center we used magnifiers to explore the characteristics of leaves.

In Dramatic Play the children acted out family life using props and materials, including food, babies and work items.  We discussed what foods make a good Thanksgiving feast!

Next week we will be starting our new theme on ‘Where We Live.’ We will be focusing on the places we live and where our family members live, near and far.  We will also explore different types of homes and shelters for people and animals. 

Leaf Man Project 11.29.19 (1)

Newsletter (November 22)

Weekly Letter 11.22

This week we read Friendshape by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld and discussed our friends and school community.  

In the Art Center the children had an opportunity to make pictures of themselves with their friends.

In the Math Center we measured all of our friends to see how many hands high they were and to find out who was the tallest and shortest in our class.  We will be watching all year to see how we grow!

In Dramatic Play the children acted out family life using props and materials, including food, babies and work items.  We also voted for and will be transforming our Dramatic Play into …

Next week we will be looking more closely at the seasonal changes and Thanksgiving traditions.

Family Engagement 11.22.19

Newsletter (November 15)

Weekly Letter 11.15

This week in Pre-K we explored what makes our families unique and important! We read The Family Book by Todd Parr and learned that there are many ways to be a family and that families can include many different people. We also read I Love Saturdays y Domingos and observed that families have their own unique traditions and favorite activities!

At the Math Center we counted how many people are in our families and drew a picture to represent the people we love. We created a family number chart for our Math Center.

At the Art Center children drew pictures illustrating their families’ favorite activities to do together. We also used recycled materials to create “people” toys representing different family members to play with at our Block Center.

At the Writing Center children continued to practice writing their names. They also used family vocabulary when labeling their drawings.

Next week we will explore the many ways our classroom is a unique community of friends who help and care for each other!

Family Engagement 11.15

Newsletter (November 8)

Weekly Letter 11.8

This week we started our new unit on All About Us by reading the book Little Elliot Big City written by Mike Curato. This story spoke about challenges the character faced because the world was too big around him and the feelings that he had throughout all of it.

The children got to practice their feelings by continuing to use their words more when experiencing situations throughout the day.

We also got to take a look at ourselves and saw that we all are all unique! We have unique qualities, such as different color eyes, skin, and hair, some kids wear glasses, and our names are all different!

The children were introduced to their names tags in the writing center so they can sign in every morning and practice writing their names throughout the day. We also discovered the letter that our name started with.

Next week we will be focusing on how our families are unique.

Family Engagement 11.8

Newsletter (November 1)

Weekly Letter 11.1

This week we reviewed what we have learned about our five senses.  We read I hear a Pickle by Rachel Isadora, and discussed how our senses help us understand the world around us and keep us safe. 

In the Art Center we continued to explore our sense of touch by making texture collages.  We also followed a recipe to make our own playdough together.

In the Science Center we continued to sort objects by which sense we use most, and in the Math Center the children were using their eye-hand coordination to pick up pumpkin seeds with tweezers and count them.

Next week we will be starting a new theme on All About Us by focusing first on the concept of how we are each unique.

family Engagement 11.1.19

Newsletter (October 25)

Weekly Letter 10.25

This week we read the book Press Here by Herve Tullet.  The children enjoyed an interactive experience with the book by using their sense of touch to make the book change as we read along. 

In the Science Center we carved our pumpkin and felt all the different parts (stem, skin, seeds, pulp).  

We guessed what was in our “feely box” by using only our sense of touch and we also went on a ‘touch’ scavenger hunt around our classroom to find objects using our new vocabulary, including soft, hard, rough, smooth, bumpy.

At the Art Center we used textured materials to create our October self portraits!

We also read My Five Senses by Aliki and reviewed how we use all of our senses to help us learn.

Next week we will complete our Five Senses unit, as well as continue exploring seasonal changes!

family engagement 10.25

Newsletter (October 18)

Weekly Letter 10.18

This past week we continued our unit on the five senses by focusing on our sense of smell and taste.

The children had an opportunity to smell and comment on what they smelled in different scent containers in the Science Center.

 We continued this discussion at our circle by talking about what things have good smells versus bad smells. The children got to use feelings words on how these smells made them feel.

We also explored the properties of apples at the Sensory and Science Centers. We found that apples float in water and we observed the seeds, flesh, skin, and stem of apples. We even made apple stamps!

The children got to discuss how certain foods at meal times tasted (yummy, sticky, juicy). They got explain why they liked or disliked something that they ate.

Next week we will continue our senses by focusing on our sense of touch.

Family Engagement 10.18

Newsletter (October 11)

Weekly Letter 10.11

This week we continued our theme on The Five Senses by focusing on our hearing.  We read Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Gluemle and enjoyed acting out rain storm sounds from the story with our bodies and with instruments.  

We also went on a listening walk around the school to identify sounds using our sense of hearing.  We used new vocabulary such as loud, quiet, soft, silent and also learned about sign language.

We created instruments in the Art Center with recyclable materials to compare sounds with real instruments. 

The children discovered many innovative ways to use familiar materials to create their instruments!

Next week we will be focusing on our sense of smell and taste.  We will be smelling and tasting many different things to compare and describe them.

Family Engagement 10.11.19

Newsletter (October 4)

Weekly Letter 10.4

This week we began our new unit all about using our five senses to explore Fall!

We started by focusing on our sense of sight and discussed all of the things we can see with our eyes. We played the game “I Spy…” searching for all the things that can be seen with our eyes within our classroom. 

The children discussed how glasses and contact lenses are worn by some children and adults to help their vision. Additionally, we learned that people who are blind use walking sticks or guide dogs to help them. We explored the challenges of not being able to see through a special art activity!

We felt excited to go on our first nature walk and used our sense of sight to learn about the area around our school. We observed a variety of people, objects, colors and shapes on our walk. At the Science Center we recorded our observations using a combination of drawing and dictation.

Next week we will discuss our sense of hearing!

Family Engagement 10.4