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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can email me at: or call me at 718-631-3153 to schedule an appointment.

Letter regarding time away from school: 1-1 Letter

Homework Schedule                                                                            

Weekly Schedule


  1. Math – pgs. 37-38
  2. Spelling – activity #1
  3. Read for 10-15 mins (use reading log)
  4. Religion – Review Ch. 3 test on Wednesday


  1. Math – pgs. 41-42
  2. Spelling – activity #2
  3. Read for 10-15 mins (use reading log)
  4. Religion – Review Ch. 3, test tomorrow


  1. Math – pgs. 43-44
  2. Spelling – activity #3
  3. Read for 10-15 mins (use reading log)


  1. Read for 10-15 mins (use reading log)
  2. Spelling –  study words for tomorrow’s assessment

Weekly Schedule
Monday – Gym

Tuesday – Computer

Wednesday – Spanish

Thursday – Art and STEM

Friday – Music

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Weekly Letter 1/10/2020

Posted on January 10, 2020

January 10, 2020

Dear Families,

Reading –Next week, the class will begin our unit on the Solar System.  This unit will focus on the patterns that the sun, moon and stars create.  We will begin our unit learning all about the sun.  The class will create a KWL chart all about the sun.   We will read reading several non-fiction texts about the sun and watch some videos that will help us to complete the “what we learned” column of the chart.  The class will learn that the sun rotates on its axis and this is what causes night and day.  Earth follows its orbit around the sun and this takes 365 days.  This is how we get the seasons.

Phonics/Spelling – This week the spelling words will focus on words that end with -s and –es.   Please take time to review these words each night.  There will be a formal assessment on Thursday.

Math – This week we are continuing with Chapter 5.  The first lessons proved to be difficult ones for the majority of the class.  This is due to the fact that they need more practice learning their basic addition and subtraction facts with sums up to 20.  I encourage you to review these facts at home on a daily basis.  In class, we will continue to work on their fact fluency with daily fact quizzes. 


  • School is closed on Friday, January 17th for a Staff Professional Day.
  • School is closed on Monday, January 20th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 


Mrs. Van Buskirk





Weekly Letter for October 22nd

Posted on October 23, 2019

October 22, 2019

Dear Families,

        Happy Monday!  I hope you were able to relax this weekend and enjoy the time with your families.

Mix It Up Lunch – Today I sent you the color shirt that your child should wear on Friday via the Remind App.  Your child should wear their gym sweatpants on Friday.

Family Celebration – If you have not returned your RSVP slip for our Family Celebration please do so by Friday. 

Reading – This week we are going to continue learning about Families.  The students will discuss the rules they follow in their families and compare them to the rules their friends follow.  We will also start a discussion on Family Traditions.    Take time this week to talk to your child about the rules you have in your family and some of your favorite family traditions!

Spelling/Phonics – Our spelling and phonics focus this week will be long a sound.  Please refer to the spelling packet for the list of spelling words and sight words.  There will be a formal assessment on Friday.

*Spelling homework – When doing spelling homework in the notebook, please be sure to write the date on the top of the page (10-22-19).  Also, do not skip pages in the notebook.

Math – There will be a math test on Chapter 2 on Thursday.  Please use the study guide that was sent home today to review the concepts with your child.



Halloween – On Thursday, October 31st, students may wear their costumes to school.  Any masks or weapons must be left at home.  The first grade will be going on a costume parade weather permitting in the morning.  Families are welcome!

Morning Routine – The students are now responsible for placing their homework in the labeled bin and any notes for me or the office in another bin.  Please make sure your child writes their name on all their homework and if you place any notes for me or the office in their folder, let them know.  This will go a long way to help our morning routine go smoothly.  Thank you.


  • Dress Code – Students must wear an all-black shoe or sneaker to school (except on gym days). Only school sweaters and fleeces may be worn in class.  Please be sure to label all your child’s clothing so misplaced items can be returned to them!


Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Van Buskirk



Weekly Letter for October 7th

Posted on October 8, 2019

October 7, 2019

Dear Families,

        Welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed time with your family over the weekend.

Spanish Class – If you have not sent in a folder for Spanish class, please do so by tomorrow.

Behavior Calendar – Please make sure the Behavior Calendar remains in your child’s folder and that you initial the days box every night.  I believe this is the best way for you to stay informed concerning how your child is behaving in class.  If you have any questions please contact me.

Reading/Social Studies: This week the class will go book shopping.  The students were directed to shop for five books: 3 level and 2 “free choice”.  Please use these books to read to and with your child each night. Thank you for helping your children remember to bring their book baggies back to school each day!

This week we are starting our unit on Families.  We will be talking and writing about Family Rules and How Families Celebrate. They will learn that families have rules to help us make good choices and to keep us safe.  They will also learn that all families celebrate special times together; like holidays, birthdays and weddings.  If you have time over the dinner table or during bedtime, think about discussing these topics with your child.

Phonics/Spelling – This week our phonics focus is short u.  Please take time each day to review the spelling words and sight words with your child.   There will be an assessment on Friday.

Math – We are just a few lessons into Chapter 2.  This chapter deals with addition and subtraction strategies such as using a number line, learning our doubles facts and counting on.  We will take our time with this chapter, as these strategies are very important to future chapters.

        If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful week!

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