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Weekly Letter March 12th

Posted on March 15, 2018

March 12, 2018

Dear Families,

          This week is a very full and busy one for the students in class 1-1.  Read on to find out what’s happening! 

** Please sign and return your child’s progress report.

** Be sure to sign up for a report card conference using Sign Up Genius, found on the school website.

Reading – This week we are continuing our Geography unit.  Last week we learned about the seven continents and the five oceans that make up our planet.  This week we will focus on identifying all the different places we call home: our continent, country, state and community.  We will be reading a book called Me on the Map and each student will write their own “me on the map” book.

Spelling/Phonics – This week our spelling focus is on compound words. The students will learn that compound words are words made from 2 separate words.  For example: butter + fly = butterfly.  Please review these words each night.  There will be a formal assessment on Friday.

Math – Last week we began Chapter 8 Two Digit Addition and Subtraction.  We started out reviewing addition and subtraction strategies and then practiced adding and subtracting tens using models.  We also learned how to use a hundred chart to add ones and tens to a number.  I think having all these different strategies available is helpful to the students.  This week we will use models to add ones and tens and explore how to make a 10 to add.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Van Buskirk

Weekly Letter for January 16th

Posted on January 18, 2018

January 16, 2018

Dear Families,

          I hope you all enjoyed the four day weekend.  This week is a busy one despite it being a short week. 

Reading – This week we will continue our unit on the Solar System.  We will be taking a look at the moon and its phases.  The students will be painting the phases and they will be hung up in our room. The class will also be learning all about stars and groups of stars called constellations.  Last Wednesday, the first grade classes will had the opportunity to experience the Star Lab with Mr. Frank Signorello. The Star Lab is a portable planetarium.  The class really enjoyed the experience!

Writing – The students will begin writing in their Reader’s Response journals.  Learning how to write about the stories they read is a very important skill.  We will practice this skill in class over the next few weeks.  When the students are comfortable with this activity, they will also complete a Reader’s Response for homework one night a week.  More information about this will be sent in a separate letter.

Spelling/Phonics – This week we continue our focus on special endings.  The words this week end with –ed.  The important thing for the students to understand is that –ed can make three different sounds: ed, d, and t. Please review these words every night.  There will be a formal assessment on Friday.

Math – Today we began Chapter 6 Count and Model Numbers. The students will be investigating patterns found on the hundred chart.  They will also be learning about place value.  The students will be modeling, reading and writing numbers up to 120. 
If you have any questions, please contact me.        


Mrs. Van Buskirk





Weekly Letter for January 8th

Posted on January 12, 2018

Dear Families,

          Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed the unexpected four day weekend.  Although this week is also a short week, we have a lot of work to cover.

Reading –This week, the class will begin our unit on the Solar System.  This unit will focus on the patterns that the sun, moon and stars create.  We will begin our unit learning all about the sun.  The class will create a KWL chart all about the sun.   We will read reading several non-fiction texts about the sun and watch some videos that will help us to complete the “what we learned” column of the chart.  The class will learn that the sun rotates on its axis and this is what causes night and day.  Earth follows its orbit around the sun and this takes 365 days.  This is how we get the seasons.

Phonics/Spelling – This week the spelling words will focus on singular and plural nouns and the –es ending.   Please take time to review these words each night.  There will be a formal assessment on Thursday.

Math – This week we are finishing with Chapter 5.  The class did very well with the lessons we worked on last week.  They are becoming comfortable with the concept of related facts and fact families.  This week we will continue to review these concepts.  There will be an assessment on Thursday, January 11th.  A study guide will be sent home to help you review.

Religion – We are working on Chapter 15 We Belong to a Parish this week.  The children will learn that a parish is a group of Catholics who worship God together.  They will also learn that a pastor is the leader of a parish and that they can work in their parish to help others. 


  • School is closed on Friday, January 12th for a Staff Professional Day.
  • School is closed on Monday, January 15th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Have a great week!


Mrs. Van Buskirk






Weekly Letter

Posted on November 28, 2017

November 27, 2017

Dear Families,

                Welcome back after the long weekend!  I hope you all had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving break.  Now, the countdown to Christmas begins!

ELA/Science – This week we will continue with the Light portion of our unit.   We will read texts that focus on light and how it is created.  The class will discover how shadows are using flashlights.

Spelling/Phonics – This week our spelling focus is words with the long o sound made with silent e.  Please be sure to study these words each day.  Your child should be able to both read and write these words.  There will be a spelling assessment on Friday.


Math – This week we will continue with our work in Chapter 4 Subtraction Strategies. The students have learned several strategies including counting back and think addition to subtract. Students have also been learning that addition and subtraction facts are related. We will be spending these next couple of days using manipulatives to help us better understand this strategy.


  • Friday, December 1st is a 12:00 dismissal. After school is available.
  • The Christmas Show is on Friday, December 15th. More info to follow!
  • Be sure to sign up for Report Card Conferences using Sign Up Genius. The portal opens up tonight at 6:00.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Van Buskirk

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