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Letter regarding time away from school: 1-2 Letter

Weekly Schedule
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Spanish
Thursday: Art & STEM
Friday: Computer



-Scholastic Book Orders Due by 3/15  (Online Code- NHWTP)

Spelling Words: coat, road, soap, blow, pillow, boat, loaf, yellow, row, snow

Sight Words:  may, fly, any, here


Monday: Math:pg. 113-114

                   Spelling: write each word once in your neatest handwriting

                   Read for 15 min and log

Tuesday: Math: pg. 115-116

                   Spelling: ABC order

                    Read for 15 min and log

Wednesday: math: pg. 117-118

                           spelling: choose 3 words to write a sentence for 

                           read for 15 min and log

ThursdaySpelling: study for test tomorrow

                        readers response 

                        math: NONE

                        read for 15 min and log

Weekly Letter March 9th

Posted on March 9, 2020

Reading & Writing

This week we will continue with our new unit on Geography! The first week students will be learning about their place on a map. Throughout the month we will focus on our neighborhood, town, state, country, and continent. Students are also reading Dr. Seuss books and completing lots of fun crafts. You will see all our work at conferences next week. I am still in the process of assessing reading levels. Students have made so much progress since September. I am so proud! 

Phonics & Spelling

 The phonics skill for this week will focus on the “ow” and “oa” sounds. When figuring out whether a word has “oa” or “ow” you can listen to the word and see if you hear the long o in the middle or at the end. If you hear it in the middle you use “oa”, if you hear the long o at the end you use “ow”.


This week students will continue with chapter 8. We will continue to show groups of tens using connecting cubes. Students will understand that 10 ones creates 1 ten and each two digit number consists of tens and ones. Students will also practice grouping objects together to see how many tens and ones there are. Please continue to practice counting on by tens and ones with your child.

Announcements & Reminders

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, March 19th. Keep an eye out for an email about signing up!
  • Friday is a Dress Down Day

Weekly Letter March 2nd

Posted on March 2, 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We have a busy week as usual in class 1-2. Please continue to read on to see what we will be learning this week…

Reading & Writing: This week we will begin our new unit, Geography. We will focus on our town, city, state, country, and continent. During the month of March, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss and Women’s History Month. I will continue assessing reading levels this week. Once your child is assessed, you can see their new level by looking in their book baggies.

Phonics: This week our phonics pattern focuses on the long e sound. The long e sound can be ea or ee. Our words this week follow the ea pattern. Please continue to practice spelling words each night. There will be a spelling test on Friday!

Math: We will have a chapter test on Wednesday. Study Guides went home on Thursday. Please have your child practice counting forward by tens and ones.

Religion: There will be a chapter 17 religion test on Thursday. Books will come home tomorrow. Please focus on the following topics: What happens at the sacrament of Baptism? What is Grace? What are the symbols of Baptism? What does water, a lighted candle, and a white garment remind us of?

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Friday is a half Day
  • Volume 1 of our math classwork books will come home at some point this week. They are coming home because we finished with all the chapters. Please keep these books at home. We will be getting our volume 2 books in class very soon.
  • Scholastic Orders due March 15th

Weekly Letter February 24th

Posted on February 24, 2020

I hope you all had a nice relaxing break! It is always difficult to come back after a week off, but the students told me all of the wonderful things they did while they were not in school. It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! J This week we are busy as usual. Please read to find out some of the topics we will be covering!

Reading & Writing: This week we will be finishing our unit on important American Citizens! We are going to learn all about Ruby Bridges and how she was a brave little girl!

I will be assessing your Childs reading level this week and next week. I hope to have these completed by the end of next week. You will be notified of their new level a.s.a.p.

Phonics & Spelling: The phonics skill for this week will focus on the “ay” and “ai”  long a sounds. When figuring out whether a word has “ay” or “ai” you can listen to the word and see if you hear the long a in the middle or at the end. If you hear it in the middle you use “ai”, if you hear the long a at the end you use “ay”. For example, play & rain

Math: In math we will be finishing with chapter 7. We will continue counting on by ones and tens using a hundred chart. Students will be introduced to grouping objects by ones and tens. For example, if I have 53 buttons, I can circle 5 groups of tens and then add three more. Students will complete a study guide on Friday. We will have a chapter assessment on March 4th. Please be aware that we are skipping lesson 7.5 this chapter. DO NOT have your child complete this homework. Look at the homework sheet to see what pages need to be done each night.

Religion: We are beginning to learn about the seven sacraments. The first sacrament we will be learning is Baptism. Please send in, no more than 2 pictures of your child’s baptism! Pictures Due on Wednesday, 2/26.

Announcements & Reminders

  • Scholastic Orders Due March 1st
  • Progress Reports need to be signed and returned ASAP.

Weekly Letter February 10th

Posted on February 10, 2020

I hope you all had a great weekend and had a chance to relax! Please read about what we will be learning in class 1-2 this week…

Reading & Writing

This week students will be learning all about Abraham Lincoln. We will be reading stories and watching informational videos about how he was an important leader for our country. On Thursday, students will be celebrating the 100th day, by doing various reading and writing activities. I can’t wait to see everyone dressed as a 100-year-old!

I am impressed with how well students are doing with their reader’s responses. Please keep in mind that students should be doing the responses on their own. Also, students should be using books on their level for the reader’s notebook. If you are unsure what level your child should be reading, please ask me! J A great App that you can use to check the reading level of a book is called: Scholastic Book Wizard – You are able to scan the barcode of a book or enter a title to find its level. You need to look under GRL (Guided Reading Level) and most books will have a letter. You can also use scholastic book wizard online.


This week students will learn about comparative endings like –er and –est. We will practice using our spelling words appropriately in sentences. We use (er) when we are comparing 2 people, places, animals, or things. We use (est) to compare 3 or more things.


In math we will be starting chapter 7, “extend and counting sequence”. Students will begin to understand how to count by tens and ones up to 120. Students will also understand the idea of place value and use place value to identify how many tens or ones make up a number.

Announcements & Reminders:

On Thursday, it is the 100th day of school! Please remember to dress your child like a 100-year-old! If your child does not want to dress up, they can wear regular uniform!

On Friday, we will be having a small treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you would like to send in Valentines to share with the class, please make sure you have enough for all. Please only write who the valentine is from not specific names. Thank You! We have 17 children in class 1-2.

Friday is a student council dress down day!

Scholastic Orders Due by 2/15

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