Grade 2-1 Newsletter

Miss Liebegott’s Second Grade Class! 

Week of November 8th, 2021

In Mathematics, students are working with addends using
strategies/models in solving one and two-step word problems. When
reading word problems, we ask students to:
-identify the important parts/information.
-Circle any numbers we need to solve the word problem.
-As students read the next sentence, we ask: What is the problem
asking us to do?
-What are we trying to find?
-Underline any key words to help us solve the problem.
-Draw a symbol of what we are supposed to do. (+) or (-)

In Language Arts, students continue to discuss story elements by using
graphic organizers. Students continue to explain the plot of the story by
working with story element maps to expand on their written thoughts.
Developing a solid understanding of the elements of a story is essential for
our students to follow and fully comprehend the stories they read. However,
before students can understand how these elements contribute to the
overall meaning and effect of a story, they must first be able to identify the
component parts confidently.  

As students continue to read every night, encourage them to think about
what he/she is reading. If your child is bringing home a story/picture book,
this book should be completed in one evening. Starting in December
students should begin to read chapter books on his/her level. These books
should take about a week to complete.

Below are some suggestions.

15 Superb Chapter Books for Second Graders

These links are also used in class and are helpful links you can use as
home integrated from IREADY.


In Religion, students are practicing the Act of Contrition and are discussing
the Sacrament of Baptism and the symbolism of Holy Water. This week,

students shared their Sacrament riddles in class to help enforce the
meaning/symbolism for each Sacrament. Students had a lot of questions
about their Religion. Share with your child the Religion they practice.
Discuss with your child if he/she will be receiving

In Social Studies/Science, students observed different types of rocks and
identified its various characteristics according to its shape, size, and
texture. In Social Studies, students compared and contrasted how family
life then is different from family life today. For example, today homes have
electricity. Long ago, families lived in one room cabin with no electricity.
Our class will celebrate our Thanksgiving festivities with a craft and treats
next Wednesday.

Next week is a three-day school schedule. Students will be dismissed
at 11:50 AM next Wednesday. School is closed on Thursday and Friday
for the Holiday. Enjoy your Holiday with your family and if you are traveling,
be safe.

Half Day: December 3rd 11:50 AM.