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Grade 2-2

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Week of May 24th Newsletter 2-2/DiMarcello

Posted on May 27, 2021


In Mathematics, students began to review 2D shapes and advanced to introducing more complex 3D shapes and rare polygons. Students explored concepts of angles, lines, and symmetry, and used visual guides to practice fractions.

In Language Arts, students are continuing with their novel, “The World According to Humphrey” by using adjectives and vocabulary words to enhance their writing and are creating mental images for readers to make connections. Students are discussing the setting and events of the text in the perspective of Humphrey, the character.

In Social Studies, students zoomed with TD Bank discussing the differences between saving and checking accounts, and how a bank charges and uses interest.

In Science, students discussed how animals are alike and different, and identified animals without backbones.

Our Luau fundraiser was a success. Students had a terrific time!

Thank you to all who participated.



No school: Monday, May 31st. Memorial Day!

Science Assessment: June 3rd.

Social Studies Assessment: June 4th

Half Day: Friday, June 4th 11:50 AM

Newsletter Grade 2/DiMarcello Week of May 17th

Posted on May 21, 2021

This week in ELA, we started reading the novel, The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney. Before the students started the book, they looked at the cover and made predictions about Humphrey and what the book would be mostly about. The students have been defining new vocabulary words we come across in the novel, and using these new words to enhance their writing. The students wrote in their writing notebooks from the perspective of Humphrey, if he was a classroom pet in our classroom.

In Mathematics, the students were introduced to 3D shapes and described the attributes of a 3D shapes. They used square tiles to cover rectangles to show equal shares. They divided shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths. The students did a kinesthetic activity using mini marshmallows and toothpicks to create 3D shapes such cubes, triangular pyramids, and a hexagonal prism.

In Social Studies, students discussed the three kinds of resources people use: Human, Capital, and Natural Resources. We welcome our TD Bank representatives who will be zooming with our classes on May 25th to discuss our Economics unit and give key details about the banking system.

In Science/STEM, students discussed how frogs adapt to different environments and learn different ways to communicate using different sounds.

In Religion, students continue to discuss the different parts of the Mass and prayers we use during the liturgy.


**This is a reminder to those students who will be participating in the after school Fundraiser Gala from 2:45PM to 4:30PM on Wednesday, May 26th in the schoolyard. The students may come to school dressed in Hawaiian themed clothing and sneakers. You may bring a beach towel. Please arrive to pick up your child by 4:20PM from the schoolyard at the main entrance. **

Week of May 10th Grade 2-2

Posted on May 17, 2021

It has been an exciting week with our students who received their first Holy Communion and celebrated by hosting the May Crowning on Wednesday. It was a special day to celebrate with our school community.

         In Language Arts, students wrapped up their Poetry Unit by discussing various types of poems using Personification and Onomatopoeia. Students will continue to record personal poems in the Poetry Notebook.

         In Mathematics, students just started their new unit on Geometry. This week students identified 2-dimensional shapes and recognized how plane shapes look. They were introduced to new vocabulary words: polygon, quadrilateral, angle, and vertices.

         In Social Studies, students discussed the significance of a Saving Accounts and how a bank supplies a loan with interest.   

         In Science, students discussed the adaptations of how fish and birds adapt in their environment.

         Continue to read each night with your child. It is important to monitor your child’s reading comprehension and continue to discuss and use the reading reflection questions.

Week of May 3rd Newsletter/2-2/ DiMarcello

Posted on May 7, 2021

Students continued reading various forms of poetry this week and are concentrating writing Cinquain and Acrostic poems. Students are working on producing their anthologies of poems this month!

          In Social Studies, students discussed how people in our community provide goods and services and how a budget is a plan to help citizens spend and save income.

          In Science, students observed various kinds of seeds and discussed ways how some animals can help plants reproduce.

          In Mathematics, students measured the lengths of two objects in centimeters. Then students used their measurements to write a number sentence to find the difference between the two lengths. It is important for students to recognize that they must measure the length of each object using the same unit of measurement in order to use a number sentence that describes how much longer one object is than the other.

In Religion. students continue to practice the Parts of the Mass and are getting ready for First Holy Communion and the May Crowning.



  • First Holy Communion 11AM – Saturday, May 8th
  • Happy Mother’s Day! – Sunday, May 9th
  • May Crowning 10 AM in the Schoolyard – Wednesday, May 12th. Students must come to school in their Communion outfits on this day. All other students must be dressed up in FORMAL attire. The students may bring in a bag with their gym clothes to change into after the May Crowning.
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