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Grade 2-2/Mrs. DiMarcello Newsletter Week of 9/16

Posted on September 17, 2021


Dear Parents,

It was an exciting first week of school. The students are adjusting to classroom routines and procedures, classroom behavioral policies, and expectations for the new school year.

In Balanced Literacy, students discussed how to choose good fit books and why it is important to choose books that we can read. There is a simple way to help your child choose good books. It is called IPICK. (I choose books to read, Purpose, Interest, Comprehend, and Know the words).

  1. Have your child choose a book. This is the first “I” in I-PICK which means, “I choose books to read”.
  2. Ask your child, “What is your purpose for choosing this book?” This is the “P” in I-PICK, which means purpose.
  3. Ask your child, “Is this a book you are interested in?” This is the second “I”, which means interest.
  4. Have your child read a page of the book. After your child reads the page ask your child, “Who did you read about and what did they do?” This is the “C” in I-PICK, which stands for Comprehend.
  5. Have your child read another page in the book. Then ask your child, “Did you know the words?” This is the “K” in I-PICK, which stands for, know the words. Your child should know all or almost all of the words in order for it to be a good book.

Students read, “Ms. Nelson is Missing” by James Marshall by drawing illustrations, and wrote sentences discussing their predictions.

In Religion, students discussed how God the Father sent his son, Jesus, to be with us and how Jesus is human like us. Students discussed how prayer is a powerful and how the Bible is a story of creation.

In Mathematics, students used ten frames and cubes to informally explore even numbers as multiples of two. Students counted out cubes to show a number and put those cubes into pairs. If a number is even, all of the cubes will be set in pairs. If a number is odd, there is an extra cube-one that is not paired. After working with cubes, students shaded the spaces in ten frames to show pairs and any extras.

            With a little creativity, you can build math skills at home with your child! There are many games you probably have at home that encourage development in math:

  1. Yahtzee (basic addition)
  2. Candy land (Make your own game cards and use math facts instead of colors). One example would be 4 + 3 = 7, 3 + 4 = 7, 7 – 3 = 4, and 7 – 4 = 3.
  3. Card Games (Player flips a card and the greatest or least number wins)


-Check your child’s folder each night.

-Check the school website daily for information and homework assignments.

-Sign your child’s planner daily.

-Students should always have a personal book for independent reading.

-Healthy Snacks permitted only during snack time.

-No electronics permitted in school.


Have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless you and your Family!

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