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Only healthy snacks permitted during snack time.
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Special Subjects:

Tuesday: ART
Friday: Music & Computers

LUNCH: 12:00-1:00 PM 


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Grade 2 Bayside Newsletter Week of September 19th

Posted on September 22, 2017

In Mathematics, students wrote 2-digit numbers in word form, expanded form, and standard form. It is important for students to develop flexible thinking about numbers. To comprehend the value of 43, students must understand that it means 4 tens 3 ones. Working with models and visual representation helps children to see that the value of 4 tens is 40, the value of 3 ones is 3 and that 43 can be described as 43.

For example: 43 (40 + 3)

Extra Reinforcement Practice:

 43       The 3 is in the ones place. It has 3 ones.

 43       The 4 is in the tens place. It has 4 tens. (40) 


            In Social Studies, students began to locate symbols on a map and practice cardinal directions. In addition, students created their very own classroom map!

            In Religion, students discussed how Jesus gathered many followers to be his disciples. Students discussed that Jesus invited people to follow him and helped them to become a community of people who believed in him.

            In Balanced Literacy, students read a short text on Jackie Robinson by Wil Mara.  Students discussed that nonfiction books are true stories, though the ideas may come from experiences that really happened. Students also discussed that informational books gave details on a specific topic and are true stories that contain factual information. Then students completed a 5 W chart to identify the details of the book. The 5W words are part of our spelling words of the week along with the transitions words students were introduced to in the writing process. (First, Next Then, After, Finally)

-Who is it about?

-What is it about?

-Where did it happen?

-When did it happen?

-Where did it happen?

                        In Writing, students continued to identify and write main ideas to create sentences on specific topics. Students also used adjectives to identify character traits. This week students started completing writing reflections in his/her Reading Reflection Notebook. Students should be using the guided reading questions to answer.

I want to hear their voice, not a summary of the book!

At home you can orally discuss some questions with your child when reading:

What do wonder?

What do you feel?

What do you imagine?

What do you predict?

What does the text remind you of?

What do you find interesting?

Bayside Grade 2 Newsletter/ Mrs. DiMarcello’s Class

Posted on September 15, 2017

Thank you for coming to meet with on Back to School Night. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. It was an exciting first week of school. The students have begun to adjust to classroom routines. Finally, students discussed our behavioral policy and expectations for the new school year.

In Balanced Literacy, students discussed how to choose good fit books and why it is important to choose books that we can read. There is a simple way to help your child choose good books. It is called IPICK. (I choose books to read, Purpose, Interest, Comprehend, and Know the words).

  1. Have your child choose a book. This is the first I in I-PICK which means, I choose books to read.
  2. Ask your child, What is your purpose for choosing this book? This is the P in I-PICK, which means purpose.
  3. Ask your child, Is this a book you are interested in? This is the second I, which means interest.
  4. Have your child read a page of the book. After your child reads the page ask your child, Who did you read about and what did they do? This is the C in I-PICK, which stands for Comprehend.
  5. Have your child read another page in the book. Then ask your child, Did you know the words? This is the K in I-PICK, which stands for, know the words. Your child should know all or almost all of the words in order for it to be a good book.

Students read, Ms. Nelson is Missing by James Marshall. Students identified the theme of the story: respect, responsibility, and kindness. First students drew illustrations, and wrote sentences discussing their predictions. Next students compared and contrasted both characters on a graphic organizer using character traits.

In Religion, students discussed how God the Father sent his son, Jesus, to be with us and how Jesus is human like us. Each group of students received a chart that discussed one way Jesus may have acted when he was young. For example, Jesus helped his mother; Jesus helped Joseph; Jesus played with his friends or Jesus prayed to God.

In Mathematics, students used ten frames and cubes to informally explore even numbers as multiples of two. Students counted out cubes to show a number and put those cubes into pairs. If a number is even, all of the cubes will be set in pairs. If a number is odd, there is an extra cube-one that is not paired. After working with cubes, students shaded the spaces in ten frames to show pairs and any extras.

            With a little creativity, you can build math skills at home with your child! There are many games you probably have at home that encourage development in math:

  1. Yahtzee (basic addition)
  2. Candy land (Make your own game cards and use math facts instead of colors). One example would be 4 + 3 = 7, 3 + 4 = 7, 7 ? 3 = 4, and 7 ? 4 = 3.
  3. Card Games (Player flips a card and the greatest or least number wins)



-Check your childs folder each night.

-Check the school website daily for information and homework assignments.

-Sign your childs planner daily.

-Students should always have a personal book for independent reading.

-Healthy Snacks permitted only during snack time.

-No electronics permitted in school.


Have a wonderful weekend!

God Bess you and your Family!

Week of September 6th: Newsletter Grade 2 Bayside

Posted on September 8, 2017


Dear Parents,

          It was an exciting first week of school. The students have begun to adjust to classroom routines and discussed classroom rules. Through a classroom tour, students got an opportunity to become familiar with our classroom and resources.  Next, students set up their desks and closets storage areas. 

          We will continue to have daily discussions on respect and kindness. The class has established a STAR and Class Dojo chart. Students can receive stars for behavior, assignments, helping out, and demonstrating A.R.T. However they can also loose points for behavior or any missing assignments. We also have our COLOR CHART. At the end of the day the student will receive a color. (Green-Good Day, Yellow-Warning, and Red-Parent/Teacher Conference). Ask your child daily,What color were you today?

Students Contract Discussion:

Classroom Rules

  1. Listen Carefully.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.
  4. Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
  5. Respect school and personal property.
  6. Work and play safely.
  7. Show a positive/cooperative attitude.
  8. Assumes responsibility for actions.
  9. Cafeteria behavior/manners are appropriate.

          Students read, First Day Jitters, by Julie Dannenberg.  It is a humorous book about a teacher who just does not want to go in for her first day of school. As the book begins though, the reader is lead to believe that it is a young child who is lamenting that first day. It is not until the end that we see that it is Mrs. Hartwell who had a hard time getting out of bed to face her new class. She worries she won’t know anyone, thinks it will be too hard, and complains that her head hurts….all things many of your students may have experienced just that very same morning. Students discussed that they are not the only ones feeling this way, settling into a new school year may seem less overwhelming.

          The students had a Solar Eclipse Party on Friday! Students observed images and discussed the events that occur during a solar eclipse. Finally, students created their very own booklet on the solar eclipse.

                    Our school ended the week with a beautiful liturgy on Friday. It was a special liturgy that marked the beginning of our new year together.


-All school paper work was due on Friday. (Important documents should have been downloaded from the school website).

-Check your childs folder each night.

-Check the school website daily for information and homework assignments.

-Sign your childs planner daily.

-Students should have four sharpened pencil in their desk each day.

-Students should always have a personal book for independent reading.

-Healthy Snacks permitted only during snack time.

-No electronics/toys permitted in school.


Meet the Teacher Night: Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 6 PM

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