Grade 2/Bayside End of the Year Newsletter

            Students are working on their culminating unit on Ecosystems. Students discussed and researched the various parts of an ecosystem, including the plants, animals, decomposers, and environment that are all a part of the ecosystem. As part of their engineering, students are constructing their very own ecosystems.

          The New York Historical Museum visited our students to examined artifacts from the past and discussed how transportation has changed over time.

          As enrichment students are reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. The author takes the reader on an extraordinary journey to show a true miracle: even a heart of the most breakable kind can learn to love, to lose, and to love again.

          Summer Reading TIPS!

  1. Set aside a regular family time to read and/or read aloud.
  2. Read to your children. Share a good book!
  3. Make a special day to visit your local library or book store to borrow/purchase reading books over the summer.
  4. Let your child see you reading for pleasure.
  5. Always discuss with your child what he/she is reading.

          In Religion, students discussed that Catholics belong to parish communities. Just as Jesus is the sacrament of God, a visible sign of an invisible God, so the Church is the sacrament of the risen Christ. Students discussed that Catholics are united where we worship together, work together to help others, and celebrate the sacraments. At home discuss with your child, the name of the parish you belong to. Don’t forget to take your child to Mass on Sundays.

          In Social Studies, students discussed how people may start a business to make money. Then students discussed that some businesses provide goods, such as food, clothing, or electronics. Finally, students broke up into groups and discussed how children might start a business, too.

          In Mathematics, students continued using models to review Math concepts.

          In Mathematics, students continued using models to review Math concepts.

Below is a helpful website you can use at home with your child to review over the summer.

Below is a math review packet you can download and print to use over the summer. Select the topics your child is interested in completing.

Summer Math Suggestions:

  1. Tell time in five minute intervals.
  2. Practice addition and subtraction. EX: 14+6=20 and 18-9=9
  3. Review addition and subtraction “doubles.” EX: 8+8=16, 9+9=18
  4. Compare monetary values. Add those coins!
  5. Allow students to measure ingredients.
  6. Estimate distance while traveling. Keep a journal.
  7. Use these estimates to create word problems.
  8. Estimate the amount of stores in an area.
  9. Use comparisons: (more than, less than, and same)
  10. Play strategy games. Use a deck of cards or dice to add or subtract amounts.


Half Day: June 21st and June 22nd

End of the Year Class Party: June 19th.

School Mass 9 AM 6/20.

Class Play: June 19th 9AM

Last Day of School: Friday, June 22nd