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Ms. Paolinos

Good Evening Parents of Class 4-2!

Good Evening and I hope all is well. Here are a few updates regarding the next few days:

  1. On Monday, November 20th, your children will be having a Thanksgiving feast from 1:15-2:15 pm in Father Smith Hall. 
  2. We are looking forward to celebrating the Christmas Season with our annual Christmas show at St. Francis Prep on December 15th, 2017. We are kindly requesting $5.oo per student to cover the cost of antlers and noses for their Rudolph costume. Please send this in an envelope addressed with your child’s name by Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017.

Thank You for Your Cooperation!


Ms. Paolino and Mrs. Iveagh






Welcome to 4-2! 

4-2 Specials 

Monday- Music and ART
Tuesday- Computer and GYM
Wednesday- Spanish and STEAM
Thursday- Spanish
Friday- No Specials

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Grade 4-2 Mrs. DiMarcello’s Class Weekly Newsletter

Posted on September 14, 2018

What a terrific jump 4-2 transitioned into since the beginning of school. The students have begun to adjust to classroom routines and are having continues discussions regarding classroom rules and procedures. Through a classroom tour, students got an opportunity to become familiar with our classroom and resources.  Finally, students set up their desks, closet storage areas, and materials. 

          Students will continue to have daily discussions on respect and kindness. The class has established a “STAR” system. Students can receive stars for behavior, assignments, helping out, and demonstrating positive behavior. However, students can also loose points for behavior or any missing assignments.  Students can also earn raffle tickets toward good behavior and effort. Raffle tickets earned will help students receive prizes from the selection of the prize jars.

          In Balanced Literacy, students are reading a humorous text by Ken Derby entitled, “How to Ruin the First Day of School.” Students are making predictions of the text, recording details by analyzing the character’s behavior, and making inferences using evidence from the text.

          In Writing, students identified the parts of a friendly letter and composed a letter to the author discussing how technology has changed from 2004 to the present. Students are brainstorming strategies to organize their thoughts by creating details, and using vivid vocabulary and adjectives.

          In Science, students are learning to explain the parts of the scientific method by reading and categorizing specific examples related to the Scientific Method.

          In Mathematics, students have an opportunity to make sense of quantities by representing numbers using place values and finding the relationship between the places.

          In Religion, students discussed that the Incarnation is the truth that the Son of God became man. Please remember it is important to attend weekly mass on Sunday.

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