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What’s Happening in Grade 4?

Grade 4-2/DiMarcello Newsletter: Week of April 15th.

Posted on April 17, 2019

Students were enthusiastic to finish the novel, “Tiger Rising.” Students discussed how Art had a significance impact in the novel comparing the character, Sistine to the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. Students discussed how circumstances have improved for the characters by the end of the novel as compared to the beginning by citing evidence in detail from the novel.

In Mathematics, students are reviewing the necessary concepts and skills for the New York State Math Test that is scheduled on May 1-2nd. Students have completed three practice state tests with a detailed review for Parts 2/3 involving word problems and written explanations. Daily word problems are illustrated in class and are discussed by reading, interpreting, and using strategies how to solve the word problem. It is important for students to understand what the sentence is asking them to do. The same process applies when students are expected to explain how they have arrived to their final answer. It is important to SHOW all of their work!

Students are completing daily mini-lessons and review to sharpen their skills. This week students reviewed all types of angles, rays, and measurement using protractors.

Let’s Jump Around! You may have heard that we are jumping around in Math. That is correct. Keep the MIND sharp! First the students will begin with a word problem. Next, they may complete a mathematical problem in a practice test booklet, and then we may break up into groups to complete a skill review. After a mini-lesson will follow into a group activity solving equations. Finally, to solving some independent questions.

Work on the Math Test booklet this week and return it to school on the Monday, when we return from Easter break.


Have a Happy Easter!

Week of 4/1 Newsletter Grade 4-2/DiMarcello

Posted on April 5, 2019

In Mathematics, students used what they learned about writing a fraction as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction and apply it to writing a product of a whole number and a fraction as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction. The expression 4 x 2/3 becomes 4 x 2x 1/3, or 8 x 1/3. This week, students started working on problems for the New York State Math test that is scheduled on May 2-3rd.

In English Language Arts students are reading The Tiger Rising. Students are using vocabulary words to generate meaning and understanding in daily discussions. Students continue to develop ideas from the novel to deepen their level of comprehension and show that they understand the characters, setting, and events of novel.

In Social Studies students are describing the climate, geography, and comparing the types of jobs people worked in these regions.  

In Science/Stem, students created model of the Earth’s layers using water, oil, sugar cubes, foam, and sand and discussed the meaning of each layer.

In Religion, we ended our week with our school liturgy. Please remember it is important to take your child to Mass on Sundays and observe the three Holy Days during our Lenten Season.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Week of 3/25 Newsletter: Mrs. DiMarcello Grade 4

Posted on March 29, 2019

In English Language Arts students concluded their novel on Bud, Not Buddy. As an enriching activity, students created a synopsis of the novel in a can. Yes, “Story in a Can.” Students discussed one particular episode in the novel, described at least three characters, included objects, and created symbols that reflected the novel.

Students finished Test Prep Workshop today and are ready for their ELA State Test on April 2nd and 3rd. Please make sure your child comes to school with sharpened pencils and a healthy snack. It is important to eat a good breakfast and get a good night’s sleep.

In Mathematics, we continue to work with fractions. This week students added and subtracted mixed numbers. We used this strategy to describe other-real world examples that involve mix numbers.

How might mixed numbers be used when you follow a recipe?

How might mixed numbers be used when you go on a trip?

How might mixed numbers be used when you weight an object?

On Monday, we will begin to pull questions and begin to review for the Math New York State Test that is scheduled on May 2-3rd.

In Religion, students discussed the Three Holy Days of Obligation during Lent (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Please remember, it is important to take your child to Mass every week.

In Social Studies, we continue to compare and contrast the colonies using organizer organizers.

In Science/Stem, students discussed and located the three layers of the Earth and began discussing volume and density using hands-activity that will prepare them for the upcoming New York State Test that is scheduled on May 28-29th.

Newsletter: Week of 3/11 4-2/DiMarcello

Posted on March 21, 2019

n Religion, students created a Lenten Goal Tree writing a favorite treat he/she will give up during Lent. Some students also wrote good deeds he/she will do during Lent. Students also discussed how the Stations of the Cross help us remember that Jesus sacrificed his life for us.

In Mathematics, students ordered fractions with different denominators by locating them on a number line. Students learned strategies to help order fractions that have the same denominator or the same numerator.

In English Language Arts, students continued with the novel, Bud, Not Buddy by discussing key ideas expressed in the novel and demonstrated their understanding through summary details. Students continued practicing strategies for the upcoming New York state Exam in April.

In Science, students read an article, Electric and Magnetic Forces and discussed how electromagnetic force is the interaction responsible for almost everything in daily life.

In Social Studies, students started discussing the 13 Colonies in Colonial America.


Have a good weekend.  





Science NEW YORK STATE EXAM May 28-29

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