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“It is the voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow.”

MARCH 2020 Letter for Home regarding closure: 4-2 Class Letter

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The Iroquois and Algonquin Tribes of New York


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What’s Happening in Grade 4?

School Closing 4-2/DiMarcello Newsletter March 16, 2020

Posted on March 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you know our school is closed due to the Corona-Virus for safety measures.

On Friday, students practiced logging onto google-classroom.

They have created their own UN and PW.

The UN: 

First Name.Last

PW: welcome1 (you can change if you wish)

Assignments are posted for each subject separately on the website that can be completed and downloaded. When students complete a written task, he or she may scan/email, take pictures, submit on class-dojo, or submit it to me on google-classroom. If you are having a difficult time, you may print the document and keep it in a folder. It is also recommended that you print any written work and file in a folder.

For ELA: All assignments are to be completed in student’s ELA notebook and in their worksheet packets. ALL ELA is already in their folder regarding Maniac Magee and uploaded on google-classroom.

Continue to read 30-40 minutes each night. This week your child may choose his/her personal reading book for Homework. Continue to log and sign your child’s hours.

For the week of March 23rd, The “Cricket in New York” must be used for personal reading for evening log. All work must be downloaded and printed, or can be completed online for submission. This novel counts for your personal homework reading.

The Writing TEST Prep has already been photocopied and submitted to the class in their folder.

Regarding Math, it is recommended to print the document packets.

Skills have been assigned on for your child to use as I will be able to track their progress.

For Science/Social Studies you can submit, or print just the comprehension questions, not the text.

Starting, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th students must sign into google-classroom at 9AM as attendance will be taken. Students must complete the work for the day that is listed and due.

The students and I will be having on-line conversations and I will be using class-dojo for videos and updates.

My on-line office hours to contact me with any questions/concerns will be from 10-12PM. I will be checking my email periodically, from 8-6PM.

Thank you,

Please, I am here for you with any questions or concerns!

Keep reading, stay healthy, keep praying, and enjoy this time with your family.


Thank you,

Mrs. Di Marcello

Newsletter/4-2/Di Marcello’s Class Week of March 2nd

Posted on March 6, 2020

Written by: Sebastian, Merco, Christopher, and Victor

In Mathematics, students used strategies to solve problems using equivalent and improper fractions. It is important for students to remember to read the problem and use the CUBE method when looking for clues for solving for word problems.

In English Language Arts, the students started their new novel, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. The introductory lesson introduced students to one main theme of the novel, racial prejudice, through a student participation activity and discussion. Through reading Maniac Magee, students will analyze characters and their situations to better understand the themes of the novel.

 In Religion, students started to discuss the importance of Lent and ways how we can prepare during this time. Students are working with Grade 7 in preparation for Lent. Last week, students created a “40 Day Jar” filled with prayers and short quotes. Daily, students draw a card from the jar and follow the deed of the day or prayer. Yesterday, students read and discussed Easter stories pertaining to the Three Holy Days to Grade 2.

In Science/ Stem, read and discussed read and discussed Series and Parallel Circuits and observed illustrations how all parts are connected to understand how electric current flows from the negative side of the battery to the positive side.

In Social Studies, students discussed the Dutch West India Company and read about fur trades between the Native Americas and the Dutch. Cool Fact Fur Trade: Mink, beaver, and otter.


Have a good weekend!

Newsletter 4-2/Di Marcello Week of February 10, 2020

Posted on February 14, 2020

In Mathematics, students continue to work with fractions by comparing fractions with unlike denominators.

Using “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”, students continue to explain how a novel builds from chapter to chapter, telling how parts of the story relate to the whole novel. Students answered questions after reading referring to the text, and making inferences to support their choices.


In English Language Arts, students continued working on practicing for the ELA State Tests using practice tests, analyzing and annotating articles, recording details, and comparing and contrasting texts. Not only is this preparing the students for the upcoming tests, but it is teaching them the necessary skills needed in writing and creating a craft for life’s achievements..

 In addition, students are encouraged to use formats in how to read, analyze, underline details, and look for clues both in the article and in the questions. Students are encouraged to re-read their work and focus on how to restate the questions by giving details from the text as well as proof-reading their work.

In Social Studies, students discussed and compared the games of today to the games played in New Amsterdam and compared the map of lower Manhattan in 1660 to today’s land.

In Science/Stem, students produced electricity by connecting circuits. In class discussion, students discussed Parallel and Series circuits.

In Religion, students read and discussed how God’s name is Holy. Students became Psalm Writers and wrote their own palm of praise.

Have a GREAT Weekend!

4-2/ Di Marcello Week of 2/3 Newsletter

Posted on February 6, 2020

This week students continued working and reviewing on specific skills for the New York State Tests. They have been having on-going instruction and preparation in all of their lessons. Students received a purple Ready NYCCLS booklet where students have been completing practice sections. Students have been directed how to read, annotate, record specific details, as well as logically answering questions related to the text, which has been part of or daily lessons in all subjects.

The importance of this week’s scope was finding and understanding main ideas with supporting inferences about the texts.

In reading, students continued reading “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” by using details to explain how the character thoughts have started to change and explain why.

Daily students have received practice reading assessments and or questions targeted to complete on home for review. It is important for students to take their writing seriously and not rush through the assignment.

In Mathematics, students continued working with factors, multiples, and started identifying and working with equivalent fractions. Again, it is necessary to review multiplications tables at home daily.

In Social Studies, students discussed how the Dutch Sent Colonists to New York and are wrapping up their independent research on explores.  

In Science, students continued to discuss how electricity moves in a circuit. In Stem, students used circuits and conductors to produce music. It was an exciting day to witness.

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