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What’s Happening in Grade 4?

Mrs. DiMarcello/ Week of 2/11 Grade 4-2

Posted on February 15, 2019

 In Mathematics, students worked on two review packets focusing on the skills and concepts from the first semester. It is important to review the skills and steps in regrouping addition and subtraction using up to four digit numbers.

In English Language Arts, students continued working on practicing for the ELA State Tests using practice tests, analyzing and annotating articles, recording details, and comparing and contrasting texts. By analyzing articles, students observed various texts such as poetry passages, plays, fiction, and nonfiction texts.

 In addition, students are encouraged to use formats in how to read, analyze, underline details, and look for clues both in the article and in the questions. Students are encouraged to re-read their work and focus on how to restate the questions by giving details from the text as well as proof-reading their work.

In Social Studies, students discussed and compared the games of today to the games played in New Amsterdam and compared the map of lower Manhattan in 1660 to today’s land.

In Science/Stem, students produced electricity by connecting circuits. In class discussion, students discussed Parallel and Series circuits.

 The class ended the week with a Valentine Oreo, goody bag, and juice treat!


Enjoy your weekend!

Newsletter/4-2/ Di Marcello’s Class Week of 2/5

Posted on February 8, 2019

This week students started working and reviewing on specific skills for the New York State Tests. They have been having on-going instruction and preparation in all of their lessons. This week students received a purple Ready NYCCLS booklet where students have been completing practice timed sections. Students have been directed how to read, annotate, record specific details, as well as logically answering questions related to the text.

The importance of this week’s scope was finding and understanding main ideas with supporting inferences about the texts.

Daily students will receive practice reading assessments to complete on home for review. It is important for students to take this seriously and not rush through the assignment.

In Mathematics, students continued working with factors, multiples, and creating specific patterns with numbers. Again, it is necessary to review multiplications tables at home daily.

In Social Studies, students discussed how the Dutch Sent Colonists to New York and watched a video comparing New York’s land from the past to the present.  

In Science, students continued to discuss how electricity moves in a circuit. In Stem, students used circuits and conductors to produce music. It was an exciting day to witness.


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs. DiMarcello’s Class/4-2 Newsletter: Week of 1/29

Posted on February 1, 2019

Our school had a terrific Catholic School’s Week filled with celebration and events including ice-cream, Bingo, Boot Camp, and Share a Book Day! Thank you to everyone for the on-going support our school receives.

In Mathematics, students worked on composite and prime numbers. Working with prime numbers and composite involves working with factors and multiples. In upcoming lessons, students will use factors and multiples in their work with fractions.

In English Language Arts students completed their novel, Maniac Magee and took their final assessment on Friday.  As a hands-on writing activity, students used their senses by using various spices comparing it to the litmus lozenge in Because of Winn-Dixie. Students reflected on one of the characters in the novel by contrasting the character’s emotions and feelings by creating a poem.  

In Social Studies students became Explores of the Week by reciting their final speeches to the class. Check out Class-Dojo for video clips!

In Science, students discussed the difference between conductors and insulators. In Stem, students used different materials to figure out how conductors and insulators work.  

In Religion, students discussed the importance of the Tenth Commandment. Students were encouraged the importance of having a generous heart and they were reminded how our generous hearts always forgives one another.


Have a good weekend!

Posted on January 25, 2019

In English Language Arts, students continued with the novel, Maniac Magee by making generalizations and analyzing characters. Students focused on narrowing their information by building paragraphs with evidence and vivid vocabulary.

In Mathematics, students are learning about factors and divisibility. Teaching factors also provides a review of multiplication. Students will use many multiplication facts as they break apart numbers into factors. Divisibility rules help students determine if a number is a factor of another number without having to divide.

In Science/Stem students discusssed that electricity is a type of energy that can build up in one place or flow from one place to another.

In Social Studies, students finalized their research on their Explorer Project and worked on their speeches. As an enrichment, students created an “Explorer Board Game” in groups using creative materials with dice, spinners, questions, and cards focused on their research from their particular explorer.

On Friday afternoon, Grade 4 discussed The Child Lure Program. Students recalled that crimes like bullying, harassment and sexual abuse are against the law and can be repoted to a Trusted Adult; All Secerts Can Be Told.

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