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Grade 5
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Extra Help class for Grade 5- Thursdays – 7:15 AM

Extra Help class for Grade 6- Fridays- 7:15 AM

Class Notes
– Scholastic Book Club code for 5th Grade-NPG2D . You use this if you order online.

Grade 5 Specials
Monday- GYM
Tuesday-Spanish , Computer
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Music , STEM

Grade 6 Specials

Monday- Gym, Music, STEM




Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Posted on March 20, 2018

Grade 5

Math- p. 419-420

Science – test tomorrow on Simple Machines

Spanish- worksheet

ELA- packet

Grade 6

Math- test tomorrow on Module 7, p.227-228

March Newsletter

Posted on March 19, 2018

                                                                                      March 20, 2018

Dear Parents,

     It was nice to see parents at report card meetings. Your children showed us their best. We are quickly approaching the end of the school year. Here are some very important dates to keep in mind:

March 20- Living Stations at 1:00

March 24- GALA

Easter Break starts March 28- April 8- schools resumes April 9th

April 11-13, 6th Grade ELA State Test

May 1 – 3 , 6th Grade Math State Test

Religion- Grade 5

The children are finishing up their unit on Lent and Easter. They will be attending the Living Stations on March 20th in St. Robert’s Church. Hope you can attend this beautiful depiction of the Stations of the Cross.

Math- Grade 5

The children have just finished their unit on adding and subtracting of fractions with unlike denominators. They will be tested on Tuesday, March 20. The next unit is on multiplying of fractions. The multiplication tables are very important and MUST be reviewed every night. Some of the children are still struggling with this.

Science- Grade 5

The children are working very hard on improving the inventions they picked. Some of them had a few setbacks and had to restart with the help of Mr. S. When all the inventions are completed in both campuses we will have a date for The Invention Convention. All the information on the tri-fold must be typed and neat according to the rubric they were given.

Math- Grade 6

The dates for the Math State Test are May1-3. We have been working in the Assessment Book and reviewing the different strategies for solving problems. They are also working in the textbook on writing and solving equations that contain variables. The children are successfully solving these equations. Keep reviewing the multiplication tables as we are using them all year and some are still struggling with them.

Science- Grade 6

The children have been working on Acids and Bases. They also have been working on how to use the pH scale to determine whether or not an item is an acid or a base. They have performed several activities on this topic in both the STEM Lab and in the classroom. They really enjoyed testing the various materials and were surprised at some of their results.

Mrs. Stiegelbauer                               Mrs. Rolleri

Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Posted on

Grade 5

Math- test tomorrow on Chapter 6

Living Stations tomorrow at 1:00

Science- Test on Simple Machines Wednesday

Grade 6

Math- test on Module 7 on Wednesday

Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Posted on March 16, 2018

TRIP money due on Monday

Grade 5

Math- test on Tuesday- Chapter 6, p.409-410

Science- test on Simple Machines- Wednesday, finish worksheets on Simple Machines

ELA- sheet, read a chapter in Wrinkle in Time

Grade 6

Math- test on Module 7- Wednesday, p.211-213

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