Grade 6 Homework

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Be sure to bring in a smock/t-shirt for Art!



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Week of September 16th

Wednesday 9/18:

ELA – THEME test on Friday!

Reading Response due on Friday in your journal.

By Monday, please bring in 2 samples of a book review along with a copy of a book you’ve recently completed

Read 45 minutes EVERY NIGHT!

Below is a link for your parents (if they need info on Back to School)

Back to school 2019

SS – Map skills test next Wednesday 9/25

Thursday 9/19

ELA 1. Theme test tomorrow

2. Read 45 minutes & RR due tomorrow.

3. bring in 2 sample book reviews & a completed book by Monday!

SS – 1. Map Skills test Wednesday 9/25

2. Long/Latitude sheet