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Ms. Murphy,
7th grade Homeroom, 7th and 8th grade Math and Science

Homework will be available via on this class page and the information provided will be updated regularly! In addition, both class pages will have useful resources added as needed in order to further enhance the access level students have outside of the classroom.

Grade 7 Resources
Math: Markup Discount and Tax.pdf | all-operators-1.pdf | all-operators-2.pdf| all-operators-3.pdf
Science: Cell Proj.pdf
ELA: Independent Reading Log | Monthly Book Review Organizer | Monthly Book Review Guidelines | IRB Reading Project

7th Grade- Narrative Poem Guidelines

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Your groups poem must include:

-A minimum of 15 lines

-A beginning, a middle and an ending

-All of the elements of narrative poetry

-Evidence of at least 3 responses to the questions

*At least 4 examples of poetic/literary elements that are labeled within the poem!

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