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Welcome to 7th Grade! Our teachers are:

Lorie McClain ( – Science
Connor Schmid ( – Social Studies
Tricia Murphy( – Math
Katherine Kurre ( – ELA
Raul Rodriguez( – Religion

7th Bi-weekly Oct. 17, 2018 (1)

Back to School Night 2018

ELA Resources

Reading Log
Reading Log

7th Reading

Chasing the Bear 

Why the Stars Are in the Sky

Lyddie online – electronic copy of the story

8th Reading

The Scarlet Ibis

Math Resources

Adding unlike fractions

Add unlike fractions with negatives

Science Resources

Scientific Inquiry Task Cards

determining variables

Scientific Method PowerPoint

What is Science powerpoint

  What are variables

cell rev 1

digestive-system1 (1) (1) (1)

Nutrients Foldable

Calorimetry Lab Report

7th Circulatory System (1)

Social Studies Resources

 Colonial Survival Game

The Thirteen Colonies Review Sheet

Lexington and Concord Map activity

Battle of Bunker Hill Map Activity

Battle of Saratoga Map Activity

American Revolution in the South

Battle of Yorktown

American Revolution Timeline Assignment

Bill of Rights Game

Completed Federalist vs anti federalist chart

Checks and Balances/Separation of Powers Kahoot

Lewis & Clark Activity

Final Project Outline


ELA: HW 11/29/18

Posted on November 30, 2018

Finish the review notes for Monday. 

7th ELA: Homework 11/19/18

Posted on November 19, 2018

11/19/18 HOMEWORK – Finish reading and ANNOTATING Parson’s Encampment. Finish the questions.

ELA: 11/14/18 HW

Posted on November 14, 2018

If you didn’t complete your card, please do so tonight. 

ELA: HW 11/13/18

Posted on November 13, 2018

Write a draft of you thank you letter on looseleaf. We will write on construction paper tomorrow at the beginning of class. 

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