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Welcome to 7th Grade! Our teachers are:

Lorie McClain ( – Science
Connor Schmid ( – Social Studies
Stephanie Buono ( – Math
Katherine Kurre ( – ELA

Back to school night 2017

ELA Resources

Student Contract and Reading Log

Lyddie online – electronic copy of the story

Math Resources

Adding unlike fractions

Add unlike fractions with negatives

Science Resources

What is Science powerpoint

  What are variables

cell rev 1

Social Studies Resources

 Colonial Survival Game

The Thirteen Colonies Review Sheet

Lexington and Concord Map activity

Battle of Bunker Hill Map Activity

Battle of Saratoga Map Activity

American Revolution in the South

Battle of Yorktown

American Revolution Timeline Assignment

7-2 Science

Posted on March 20, 2018

Read pages 86-88; Do activities page 87 and 88.

ELA: 7-2 HW 3/20/18

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7-2 Finish the worksheet for homework. You must write in complete sentences. 

ELA: MBSID Final Exam – Test Corrections due Monday 3/26

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*7-1 If you put answer choice A for question 22, please come speak to me. I will give you credit for answer A or D for #22.

final test for My Brother Sam is Dead will be distributed today. Grades will be posted on OptionC. Student will have until Monday 3/26 to write out test corrections to receive back half of the points they lost. (For example, if they scored an 80, they can do test corrections and get a 90).

For test corrections, please write the number of the question, rewrite the question in your answer, the correct answer and WHY it is the correct answer. Write in full sentences. 

If you have below an 85, you MUST show me a signed test for the test corrections to count.


1.) Sam brought the upsetting news that the British soldiers had marched on Lexington and Concord. This is because it is the start of the American Revolution. He did not say that he had quit school at Yale or that British soldier were coming towards Redding. 

3. In the plot, the event that started the story and changed lives was when Sam Tim realized that Sam had stolen the Brown Bess. This really kick started the plot because it went from Sam just talking about war to really being in it. It started arguments between Sam and his father, as well as with Tim. 

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