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Welcome to 8th Grade! Our teachers are:

Lorie McClain ( – Science
Connor Schmid ( – Social Studies
Stephanie Buono ( – Math
Katherine Kurre ( – ELA

Back to school night 2017

ELA Resources

Student Contract and Reading Log

How to Annotate PPT

Accelerated Reading Link

Math Resources

Subtract with Sci. notation

Multiply and divide with scientific notation

Science Resources

What are variables

What is Science powerpoint

8th States of Matter (2)



rubric States of Matter final (1)

Jeopardy Review   (download and open as power point slide show)



Lab report for engineeering design rubric

volcanoes 1

Volcanoes 2

Social Studies Resources (Geography Review Games)

Civil War States Map

Reconstruction Plans & Amendments Review 8th Grade Reconstruction Review

Frontier Journals Outline

WWI Life of a Soldier

WWI Map Activity

WWI Exam review sheet

WWI at home

End of WWI Notes

ELA: 8th Grade HW 3/20/18

Posted on March 20, 2018

Read the “Fighting the Factory: The Arts and Crafts Movement” and “Geothermal Energy” in the state test book. Answer the questions. 

8th Math

Posted on March 17, 2018

Test on Tues on problems about Angles, Lines, and Triangles.  Review sheet given out to students on Friday

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