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Welcome to 8th Grade! Our teachers are:

Lorie McClain ( – Science
Connor Schmid ( – Social Studies
Tricia Murphy( – Math
Katherine Kurre ( – ELA
Raul Rodriguez( – Religion

Back to School Night 2018

ELA Resources

Reading Log

Student Contract and Reading Log

How to Annotate PPT

Accelerated Reading Link

Math Resources

Subtract with Sci. notation

Multiply and divide with scientific notation

Science Resources

Scientific Inquiry Task Card Questions and Answers  

Scientific Inquiry Task Cards

Scientific Method PowerPoint

Determining variables Scientific Method PowerPoint

What are variables

What is Science powerpoint

8th States of Matter (2)



rubric States of Matter final (1)
Physical and Chemical Prop.Change HW
bonding rev


Jeopardy Review   (download and open as power point slide show)



Lab report for engineeering design rubric

volcanoes 1

Volcanoes 2

Social Studies Resources (Geography Review Games)

Civil War Battle Project Final Version

Civil War States Map

Reconstruction Map Activity

Reconstruction Plans & Amendments Review 8th Grade Reconstruction Review

Frontier Journals Outline

WWI Life of a Soldier

WWI Map Activity

WWI Exam review sheet

WWI at home

End of WWI Notes

US Entry Into WWII

Us Entry into WWII Article

Cold War Maps

The Korean War

New York Times Moon Landing Article

Moon Landing Broadcast

Greensboro Sit-Ins

Final Project Guidelines

Religion (8-2): 

Lent Project

Child Lures

CrusadesKing RichardSaladin

ELA HW: 11/29/18

Posted on November 30, 2018

Read reading the chapter “The Yellow Shank.” Add to the Audubon bird packet for The Black-Backed Gull and for The Yellow Shank. Finish the worksheet with information about Mr. Ballard.

8th HW 11/29/18

Posted on November 29, 2018

Read to page 167 and answer the Ch 4 & 5 questions from yesterday

ELA: HW 11/26/18

Posted on November 26, 2018

8-1 read to page 138
8-2 & 8-3 read to page 138 and answer the short response question

ELA 8th Reminders

Posted on November 18, 2018

1.) Quiz Monday – vocab, plot diagram, Ch1 & 2 of Okay for Now (there will also be a question on comma splices – look at the do now with the comma)
2.) 11/16 Exit Question due tomorrow and finish chapter 3 for tomorrow
3.) If you need to show me a signed essay, please do so tomorrow.
*I will be checking annotations Tuesday for Ch 1 – 3)

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