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MARCH 2020

Dear Academy Families,

The Learning Lab is here to help you through the Long Distance Learning Process.
We will be offering Office Hours throughout the week in order to help answer any questions.
Ms. O. , Mrs. Collins, Ms. Rena will be available via email between the hours of 9:00am and
11:00am daily. The Learning Team has access to the student’s Google Classrooms and
assignments. We will be able to guide students through any difficulties they may have during
this time.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free contact the Learning Lab team.

Kerri Okula kokula@dwcaonline.org
Chris Collins ccollins@dwcaonline.org
Rena Pinkhasova rpinkhasova@dwcaonline.org


Mrs. Collins and Ms. Okula are looking forward to the upcoming new school year – we will continue to support students by reinforcing and strengthening reading, writing and math skills.  Please make sure you fill out the forms below (504 or Tachs) if your child has a 504 or IESP and needs extended time on the Tachs exam in November 2019.  You must register your child first for the Tachs exam and then you need to download the eligibility form (extended time) for administration to sign it before submitting (form must arrive at Archdiocese NO LATER than October 11, 2019).  As always – any questions or concerns – feel free to contact us anytime.

Keep in Touch
(718) 631-3153


2019 – 2020 (504 Request)

2019 – 2020 (Tachs Eligibility Form)

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