Melinda Molina | Class Page

Melinda Molina returned to school when her children were in middle school, working as a para-professional at her children’s school, attended classes at night and graduated in 1997. Ms Molina currently is Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy’s Kindergarten teacher, but also has taught Pre-K, and fourth grade at Saint Ann School.

Ms Molina has been teaching Kindergarten for ten years, and it never ceases to amaze her how in September the children come to school very dependent on others, not sure of themselves. They then come to realize that they can do it because they are the “Big Kids” in the Early Childhood Wing and up to the challenges being given them. They leave ready to be challenged and realize that with independence comes responsibility, and they are ready to take it on. She is pleased and proud as any teacher/mother would be watching her students’ growth from September to June and having an opportunity to be part of it.