Mrs. DiMarcello’s Newsletter Grade 4: Week of 1/7/19

In Religion, students discussed that the Church helps us in many ways how to examine our conscience. It is our conscience that helps make right choices and help us act how God wants us to follow his examples. Students created a comic strip illustrating what a good conscience looks like.  

In English, students continued reading the novel Maniac Magee.  Students used dialogue to demonstrate an understanding how characters relate to one another. Students also made connections to novel discussing his/her opinions and curiosity.

 In the novel, Jeffrey wanted to borrow one of Amanda‚Äôs books, but he persuaded her to lend him one. Students wrote a persuasive letter/speech convincing someone to do something he/she wanted. Students created a list of topics/reasons and used this list for support to create their letter/speech by listing and explaining their reasons.

This week, students started working with some practice questions geared toward the New York State English Language Arts exam in May. Students observed types of questions and practiced using a passage to analyze and answer questions in depth using details.

In Mathematics, students are continuing working with division using remainders. It is important to review strategies at home and work on practicing the multiplication tables daily.

In Science, students created a simple machine booklet and discussed how machines are objects that make it easier for people to do work.

In Social Studies, students are working on writing their Explorer Report by using their research notes organizing them into a detailed summary report.



No School Friday January 18th and Monday, January 21st.