Newsletter 4-2/Di Marcello Week of February 10, 2020

In Mathematics, students continue to work with fractions by comparing fractions with unlike denominators.

Using “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”, students continue to explain how a novel builds from chapter to chapter, telling how parts of the story relate to the whole novel. Students answered questions after reading referring to the text, and making inferences to support their choices.


In English Language Arts, students continued working on practicing for the ELA State Tests using practice tests, analyzing and annotating articles, recording details, and comparing and contrasting texts. Not only is this preparing the students for the upcoming tests, but it is teaching them the necessary skills needed in writing and creating a craft for life’s achievements..

 In addition, students are encouraged to use formats in how to read, analyze, underline details, and look for clues both in the article and in the questions. Students are encouraged to re-read their work and focus on how to restate the questions by giving details from the text as well as proof-reading their work.

In Social Studies, students discussed and compared the games of today to the games played in New Amsterdam and compared the map of lower Manhattan in 1660 to today’s land.

In Science/Stem, students produced electricity by connecting circuits. In class discussion, students discussed Parallel and Series circuits.

In Religion, students read and discussed how God’s name is Holy. Students became Psalm Writers and wrote their own palm of praise.

Have a GREAT Weekend!