Newsletter (4.29)

Weekly Newsletter 4.29

This week we started our unit on Caring by focusing on how we can care for others. We brainstormed various ways that we can show care for others, such as share, play with them, help them, and so on. We also spoke about how animals care for their babies.

We read a variety of books about baby animals, as well as caring for others in general. The children had an opportunity to compare and contrast how that is the same and/or different from human babies.

In the Art Center, the children had an opportunity to create baby animals of their choosing using a variety of materials provided. They also drew portraits on how they can care for others, as well as dictate their responses.

The children practiced using manners to care for others throughout the day.

Next week we will be continuing our unit on Care by focusing on how we can care for ourselves.

Family Engagement 4.29