Newsletter (4.8)

Weekly Letter 4.8

This week we finished our unit on Moving by focusing on how we move throughout the city. We reviewed types of vehicles that allow us to move around, as well as other ways, such as walking, riding horses, and other animals.

We continued to read a variety of books about moving to guide our discussion on how we can move throughout the city. Some vocabulary that was used were fast, slow, transportation, bridges, subway, and so on.

In the Art Center, the children had an opportunity to continue creating types of transportation to show how they would move through the city by utilizing 3D materials, drawings, and a variety of collage materials.

The children  also had an opportunity to act out moving through the city during a movement activity.

Next week we will be starting our new unit on Care by focusing on how we can care or show care to others.

Family Engagement 4.8