Newsletter (5.13)

Weekly Letter 5.13.docx

This week we finished our unit on Caring by focusing on how we can care for the world.

We read a variety of books about how we can care for the world. We brainstormed various ways that we can care for the world, such as recycle things and materials, planting and growing plants, using a water thermos, and don’t litter.

In the Art Center, the children had an opportunity to show how they can care for the world by being encouraged to use only recycled paper and materials to complete their projects this week.

The children practiced caring for the world by putting paper scraps in the recycled basket instead of throwing it away, continued to bring in recycled materials for projects, and helped to pick up litter off of the floor in the classroom when others did not pick it.

Next week we will be starting our new unit on Grow by focusing on how we have grown both throughout the school year, as well as touching base once more, since we were a baby.

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