Newsletter (5.20)

Weekly Letter 5.20

This week we started our unit on Grow by focusing on how we have grown.

We read a variety of books about growing in regards to how people grow. The children had an opportunity to discuss how they have grown, such as feed themselves, make good choices, dress themselves, and doing things independently.

In the Art Center, the children had an opportunity to draw how they have grown since they were a baby by updating their self portraits. They included features such as hair, teeth, and hair accessories that they didn’t have as a baby.

The children have also been practicing hard for their End of the Year Celebration as another way to show how they have grown. In class, we have been practicing a lot for how Pre-K is and what is expected of Pre-K. The children were encouraged to show that they have grown by doing more independent things in the classroom like they would be doing in Pre-K.

Next week we will be continuing our unit on Grow by focusing on things that grow.

Family Engagement 5.20