Newsletter (5.27)

Weekly Letter 5.27

This week we continued our unit on Grow by focusing on things that grow.

We read a variety of books about things that grow, including people, plants, animals, as well as caterpeillars.

In the Science Center, the children had an opportunity to put pumpkin seeds on a wet paper towel and seal it in a ziplock bag. The children made predictions of what they thought would happen, as well as observe what really was happening to the seed.

The children have also been observing caterpillars in the classroom to see how they grow. They got to observe that the caterpillars hung themselves from the top of the feeding cup that they were in and made a cocoon to start transforming into butterflies. Once the butterflies come, the children will get to observe what butterflies eat and eventually release them by our garden.

Next week we will be continuing our unit on Grow by focusing on how things grow.

Family Engagement 5.27