Newsletter (November 29)

Weekly Letter 11.29

This week we read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. and discussed how the wind helps leaf man to be transformed into different types of shapes (fish, birds, and so on). We then discussed how in the season of Fall the wind does blow more often and the leaves change color and fall off of the trees.

In the Art Center the children had an opportunity to make pictures of themselves doing something they like to do in the fall.

In the Math Center we sorted leaves by shapes, color, or size.

In the Science center we used magnifiers to explore the characteristics of leaves.

In Dramatic Play the children acted out family life using props and materials, including food, babies and work items.  We discussed what foods make a good Thanksgiving feast!

Next week we will be starting our new theme on ‘Where We Live.’ We will be focusing on the places we live and where our family members live, near and far.  We will also explore different types of homes and shelters for people and animals. 

Leaf Man Project 11.29.19 (1)