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At Divine Wisdom, every student in the school from 3K to 8th grade receives a weekly Physical Education Class. Here at Divine Wisdom our Physical Education Program aims to encourage student-centered learning by incorporating functional knowledge, skill-based lessons, and authentic assessments that reinforce the importance of lifelong exercise, health and wellness. Students in grades 3K-8th grade participate in many different lifelong games and activities that strengthen the overall wellness of each unique student.

In grades 3K-3rd students focus on gross motor skills and non-locomotor, locomotor movements. At this grade level students will be introduced to the basic stage of gross motor skills and non-locomotor, locomotor skills. Many students will endure physiological changes that occur as a result of physical activity. In order to maintain a safe environment, as well as to hold productive classes, there is an increased emphasis on safety, spatial awareness, following directions and showing cooperation to all. 

In grades 4th-8th students focus on becoming lifelong learners about wellness and have comprehensive movement experiences that focus on fun, involvement, character, self-esteem, fitness, and total well being. The Physical Education Program involves the “whole child” and includes physical, mental, social, and emotional growth experiences. Students participate in many different cooperative games, lifelong activities and lifetime sports throughout the year. These include flag football, capture the flag, soccer, scooter ball/hockey, team handball, adventure education, Gaga ball, Towerball, volleyball, etc. 

If there are any questions or concerns about the program please send an email to

The image below is our school Physical Education bulletin board that keeps track of students’ latest statistics, team rosters and banners for each sport played. This is updated weekly! Students are currently participating in grades 5th-8th in scooter hockey/ball. 


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