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About once a month a Scholastic Reading Club catalog will be sent home in your childs folder. You may purchase seasonal and thematic books, as well as your many of your childs favorite books, at using our classroom code QKD32. Each purchase you make earns points that can be used to purchase exciting books and literacy tools for our classroom! Participation is always completely optional.

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Weekly Letter 6/5, Douglaston Pre-K 1

Posted on June 2, 2017

Special Announcements:

Our End of the Year Celebration will be on Thursday, June 22nd at 9am.

Please fill out the R.S.V.P. with the number of guests that will be attending. Please return no later than Friday, June 9th.


This week we began our new unit, Transformation. We learned that many things change around us such as the seasons, weather and our feelings. The students were introduced to new vocabulary words, (transformation, transform, feelings and change).

In the Dramatic Play Center, the children pretended to be meteorologists and engaged in conversations related to weather, temperature and seasons.

In the Block center, the children combined wooden blocks, and cardboard blocks to transform them to something new. As they work we discussed the changes that occur when homes and buildings are built, rebuilt and remodeled.

At the Science Center, children created weather art with different materials to represent different kinds of weather.

Next week we will explore how objects can change.


Weekly Letter 5/22, Douglaston Pre-K 1

Posted on May 19, 2017

Special Announcements:

Pre-K is learning number recognition skills. To help us with the correct number formation, we learned a poem to help us remember how to write the number 4.

Make an L

Then hit the floor!
That’s the way

To make a 4!


We also learned to recognize, write, and identify the sound for the letter Kk, like in kitten and kangaroo!

This week we continued our exploration of baby animals through new activities, discussions, and fiction and non-fiction read alouds. We read two versions of Over in the Meadow and compared the kinds of baby animals included in each version.

In the Block Center, the children used blocks and art materials to create zoos and barns for animals to live.

At the Science Center, children continued to use non-fiction books and our word wall to draw and write about baby animals in their Science Journals. We also played an animal family matching game!

At the Painting Easel, children painted baby animals inspired by read alouds, photographs, as well as their personal experiences.

Next week we will explore how human and animal babies change and grow!


*On Friday, May 26th is a full day for Pre-K only. There will be no early drop off or after school services available on this day.

*On Monday, May 29th there will be no school. Happy Memorial Day!

*Thursday, June 22nd will be our End of Year Celebration and final day of school. More information to come!


Pre-K 1 Weekly Letter, 5/1

Posted on May 2, 2017

Special Announcements:

This week we learned how to recognize and write the number two. To help us with the correct number formation, we learned a poem to help us remember. You can practice at home using this poem:

Around, around

the choo-choo track,

Two! Two! Two!


This week we learned about why plants are important. We talked about the different types of foods that come from plants. We read the book The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons and learned that we eat different parts of plants in our daily meals!

At the Science Center, we observed seeds from various types of fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower plants. We compared their shapes, sizes, and colors. We used these seeds to count and sort in the Math Center as well!

The children were provided with parts of plants such as flowers, stems, and twigs to use in place of a paint brush in the Art Center. As they explored painting with the different plant parts, we identified each part of the plant that was being used.

We read the book Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, which describes the names of all different colored plants. At the Science Center, each child chose seeds they would like to plant in the classroom and watch grow. We hope to create a “rainbow garden” in our classroom!

Next week we will begin a unit on babies. We will learn what we need to take care of human babies.


*Planting with Pre-K will be on Thursday, May 18th afterschool from 2:20PM to 4:00 PM. If you would like your child to participate, please send in $30(cash) by Friday, May 12th. Thank you!

Pre-K 1 Douglaston, Weekly Letter 4/24

Posted on April 26, 2017

Special Announcements:

Pre-K is learning number recognition skills. To help us with the correct number formation, we learned a poem to help us remember how to write the number one. You can practice at home using this poem:

Straight line down
And then you’re done!
That’s the way
To make a one!

Please also consider reviewing the letters learned in class, which include: Aa, Dd, Ff, Hh, Ii, Jj, Ll, Mm, Nn, Pp, Tt, Vv, and Ww!


This week we learned all about what plants need to grow and where we can find plants in our communities!

We took advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and took a nature walk around our school. We searched for signs of Spring and found colorful plants and flowers growing all around us!

We read the fiction book The Curious Garden by Peter Brown and learned that the garden in the story was inspired by the Highline Park in Manhattan! We built our very own “curious gardens” in the block center and created a variety of plants and flowers to grow in our city.

Our Dramatic Play Center was transformed into a flower shop, or Florist. Children practiced cooperative play, as well as math and literacy skills as they exchanged money, wrote receipts and tags, and dialed phone numbers from a phone book!

When we return to school on April 24th, we will learn about all the ways plants help people, animals, and the Earth! We will also plant the seeds our families donated to the Science Center!

Events and Birthdays:

4/13-4/21: Spring Recess, No School!

4/19: Happy 5th Birthday James!

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