Pre-K 1 Weekly Letter 11/8

Weekly Letter 11.8

Family Engagement 11.8

This week we started our new unit on All About Us by reading the book Little Elliot Big City written by Mike Curato. This story spoke about challenges the character faced because the world was too big around him and the feelings that he had throughout all of it.

The children got to practice their feelings by continuing to use their words more when experiencing situations throughout the day.

We also got to take a look at ourselves and saw that we all are all unique! We have unique qualities, such as different color eyes, skin, and hair, and our names are all different!

The children were introduced to their names cards in the writing center so they can sign in every morning and practice writing their names throughout the day. We also discovered the letter that our name started with.

Next week we will be focusing on how our families are unique.